The Room and The Belly – An Update

Nov 30, 2007 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Ugh, if those arent the cutest buns you’ve ever seen?
Yes, I know there is a hole or two in the floor – that is what king size beds are for and right now – WHO CARES??? Look at the size of that room!!!!
Fat, sassy and ready to serve my little family Thanksgiving dinner. (35 weeks)


  1. Faith

    That picture is so adorable!!! Love the buns, and the other babe is getting so big too!!! So exciting. Love ya!!! Read my blog sometime looser. Just kidding.
    Or maybe not. :):)

  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    1) LOVE the room! It’s HUGE! Have you enjoyed your new bed yet??

    2) LOVE the buns! Aidan is too cute.

    3) LOVE the buns in the oven! Thanks for the belly shot. You need to a profile too so you can give us all full perspective :o)

    Loved talking to you the other day, we need to chat weekly, when we can stop playing phone tag, that is….

  3. HomemakerAng

    you are CUTE as a button! but not as cute as those bunnzies!

    The room is LARGE! Wow! I see a bassinet in there and a sitting area or two!

    its not long now, its December now and time will just FLY!

    did you go early with A at all?

    I went 10 days early this time, never had before…


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