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Ok, So “What goes with What” isn’t a very romaaaaaantic expression but I looooooooove knowing,
“What Goes with What” from wine pairings to chocolate pairings!

The herbs in our Potager are out of control.  It’s like heaven!  My rosemary is almost obscene and allows me for a moment to pretend I live in Napa Valley with it’s sheer size!  And my basil?  Oh my goodness, I have already cut it down once to make pesto and it’s almost three feet tall again!!!

Oh, that this “pairing” knowledge were swirling around in my own head but I have gleaned it from the infamous Geraldene Holt and her book “Recipes From a French Herb Garden”.  

She suggests these herbs/flavorings can be made into Bouquet Garni for your particular dish but I don’t see why you couldn’t get creative… using them as flavorings, rubs, etc.I can’t get over how giddy I get when I get to incorporate citrus zest into my meal too (which you will see on a handful of these suggestions)…

 If this list doesn’t get you revved up to cook then you need to go frolic in some herbs for awhile, get lost in their heady aroma’s… honestly, I can think of few things that make me swoon like herbs.

They are truly romantic.

Poultry – Parsley, chives, leek, thyme, celery

Beef – Parsley, thyme, bay, 2 cloves and for Provencal dishes add orange zest

Lamb – Parsley, lemon thyme or lemon balm, bay and celery

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Pork – Parsley, bay, thyme, and a small piece of orange zest

Veal – Parsley, bay, marjoram, a small piece of lemon zest and sometimes a leaf of sage

Game – Parsley, bay, rosemary, and 2 juniper berries wrapped in a layer of leek

Tomatoes – Parsley, bay and basil

Fava beans – Parsly, chives and savory

Peas and snow peas – Parsley, mint and chives

Root vegetables – Parsley, bay, oregano or thyme

Potatoes – Parsley and bay (and of course, rosemary on it’s own!)