Roasted Beets

If you follow on Instagram (which you should if you fancy Parisienne Farmgirl) then you know…

I’m obsessed with beets.

Growing them is so easy.   They make the potager look so good.

Did I mention I’m obsessed?

It’s got to be their color.  No, maybe it’s their taste.   Or the fact that they are so easy to grow.   Or maybe their color…


Who knows.  But I love them.  They give the potager such a fantastic look with their colorful rows that last from spring, well into summer.

Our garden seems to be winding down a bit early this year and while that makes me sad (I swear I can already feel the snow on my nose) it also makes for some really good eats.   And while we did not to our field garden this year, the potager is still bringing us food every day and that makes mouths happy around here.  We’ve got sweet corn, cabbage, kale, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, some peppers and… beets.

I brought in about fifty pounds of beets the other day and Joel and I worked all morning to get them into the freezer but don’t feel sorry for us.  We’ll get to each beets all winter long AND that was just one side of the garden.  There’s a whole ‘nother row on the east side waiting to be down.   AND a fall planting!

We’re gonna be “in beets” all year baby!  (If you’re ready to plant beets cause I’m making such a fuss over them, it’s super easy.   Plant them once the ground thaws in the spring and in the fall, simply count 10-12 weeks back from the first fall frost (like now if you’re reading this at “press time”).

If you want to freeze your beets it’s super easy.  There is even a video about it on my YouTube channel.

Cut the stems off to about an inch before the beet.

how to freeze beets

Boil until you can stick a fork in ’em.

Plunge into cold water.

how to freeze beets

The skins will slide right off.

how to freeze beets

Chop as desired.

Freeze in freezer bags.

how to freeze beets

I’ve got a freezer full of them sliced and chopped and I’m a happy camper!   What am I going to do with all of them, you ask?   I’m going to roast them with our roast chickens and I’m going to make this wonderful recipe below…

Roasted Beets with Chevre and Rosemary

roasted beets

Salt and pepper both sides of your boiled beets.  I used a nice, chunky sea salt because I love that crunch.  To roast, drizzle a bit of olive oil and rosemary leaves in a cast iron skillet and cook on medium heat (each side) until they begin to brown a bit.

Roasted Beets

Remove the roasted beets and lightly sauté a bit more rosemary in the remaining oil.

Slice up the chevre into 1/2 think slices and arrange in layers on a plate.  Sprinkle the additional rosemary leaves and drizzle your creation with aged balsamic vinegar.  (This thick, aged balsamic makes all the difference!  I swear by it but if you need to go a bit more affordable and use Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze.)


Et voila.   Move out of my way, cause I’ll eat the entire plate (and I did).

Roasted Beets

Bon Appetit.

Roasted Beets