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That’s it.
I don’t even know what to write.
I am just Restless Tonight.
Some sort of an itch but I don’t know what it is so I can’t scratch it.
The need to create?
For a glass of wine?
To read my Bible?
To visit with a friend?
Got a real hankerin’ to go two steppin’ – like to the point where I can’t take it.
Dying to dust off my lovely Nine West cowboy boots (gift from hubby/fiancé at the time 16 years ago), throw on my Christian Dior red lips and whirl around the floor till sweat drips down my back. Then tell hubby to go get me a Bud and do it again.
Good grief. Do I sound as if I am done being pregnant or what?
This is really irritating.
If you’ve read long enough you can probably tell that indecisiveness or “I don’t know” is NOT a regular thought process for me so for me to be sitting here with my laptop in my jammies with my hair lookin’ sa-weet if I do say so myself…well, it’s just weird.
That’s right. I have banished “the knot” and have taken to doing my hair again.
What is up with that?
Maybe I just want to feel pretty when those horrible pains start waving thru my body – as if mascara and a pin curl can help a head pass thru your pelvis any less painfully.
Dang, I am in a mood.
You know what sounds good? A dive in a perfect temperature pool. In fact, while I am on the subject – having my own pool is a hard core dream of mine. And there is just no room on this in-town lot unless I gutted 70% of my garden…oh, and an indoor pool? Can you imagine?
Oh my gosh, I sound crazy.
I feel crazy.
This, pardon me, sucks.
I am out my element here. 99.9% or the time I know what I want, how I want it, when, where, why…
but now I am just sitting here.
Maybe this is some weird pre-labor hormone thing.
I hope not.
The house needs to be vacuumed, I was going to make a huge kettle of spagetti sauce for the freezer tomorrow, my nails need to be re-painted, I don’t have my tripod for the camera up here yet, still need a shower curtain or two and I haven’t made my little lifesavers (soaked, then, frozen maxi-pads) – (I know that is probably TMI but there are some girls that read this blog that are due soon too and if I can help one other soul with that “I’ve been kicked by a horse!” feeling…)
OK, I have a dear friend, and sometimes I say or write something and thing, “Now that is something that ______ would never say” and it makes me giggle…
Now, I am way off track.
OK, here is what I am going to do:
Last night we started “A Streetcar Named Desire” and I conked out not to long after
So I am going to try to finish it.
Love me some Tennessee Williams.
If you think I am nuts – you may be right. But at least enjoy this favorite song.
Bon soir.