I hope this message finds you well, amidst the bloom of spring and the promise of new beginnings. I on the other hand have been without power for three days after a doozy of an April blizzard! More on that stress to come — As the tulips try to unfurl their petals and the snow begins to melt, I’m delighted to share our latest video with you.

Today I’m sharing some glimpses of “Remodeling with Kids.” This video continues our kitchen remodeling “From Chaos to Cuisine” series, where we journey together through the ups and downs of transforming our kitchen into the unfitted kitchen of our dreams; full of warmth, beauty, and functionality. In this installment, we’re hitting Home Depot and scootering around the store with baby girl’s crutches in the shopping cart, discovering naughty words penciled onto the interior doors of our truck, and taking a break from it all to hit my favorite resale shop!

The kids have been so helpful and precious during all this chaos to cuisine – even now with the power out, tensions are running a little hot, but their doing their best to help us get through this. More of this story to come!