One thing Amélie and I LOVE to do together is watch fashion shows.  When I got my “September Issue” I was so enchanted by the red lace dresses Dolce and Gabanna were showing I had to check out the show.
It was amazing!!!!!!!!! (as mentioned on FB) 
Run-on sentence coming –
The whole thing just blew my mind and my sweet girl who I am trying to raise “unplugged from the culture” – aside from wanting to groom her to have good taste… which I suppose is some sort of oxymoron if you are trying to raise a sheltered child… sigh… well, anyways half way during the show, in between her “oos and ahs” she said, with her hand pressed against her little heart, “I’m feeling a little jealousy in my heart right now Mom.”
Nice job Mom.
Way to teach your daughter to covet.

See, this is why the name Parisienne Farmgirl 
works so well for me. 
Who watches a fashion show during their farm chore break?
Anyways, I don’t know if I will have enough of a figure by Christmas to want to make one for myself but my daughters as SO WEARING red lace for Christmas.  I am PRAYING JoAnn’s has something that’s not totally gauche and hideous.  I am not in the mood to hunt around online.  Remember the ordeal when I just wanted some “fricken plaid taffeta” a couple years ago?

Two years ago I made the taffeta dresses and skirt for myself – I don’t think I ever showed you the Catherine Herrera inspired skirt – it was awesome but it’s on another hard drive so still no photo.  Last year I wore my favorite top I bought in Paris ten years ago.  It’s so amazing I will never get rid of it.  It’s my go-to drama piece.

 I look so dear-in-the-headlights.  What you can’t see is the moving boxes stacked to the ceiling on the other side of the room.  That, and the growing, shocker baby in my belly!!!
Anyways – are your thoughts turning to the holiday ensembles you will be putting together?
Why not?
Go for it.
Get glam.
Go fem.
OH look – in searching for a photo of that skirt I found our Easter pics from this year – big belly or not, I love navy and white.  See – you just gotta dress up!  It’s so fun!!!

The time for dirty fingernails will be here again before we know it.
Parisienne Farmgirl 

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