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Jun 6, 2012 | Pop Culture/Politics | 13 comments

For once, Common Sense Prevails.


  1. Sherri B.

    Amen! My prayers have been answered. I always believed, once the people have all of the facts, that they will make the right decision. I realize that there is not much hope for my state of Washington and the left coast, but this November, I pray that the nation will come together and decide to give my grandchildren and all of the other innocent children a future of freedom instead of slavery.

  2. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Cheering from the labor-union controlled wasteland of Mid-Michigan, where rust and ruin rule!! On Wisconsin! A true leader, Scott Walker shows courage and the ability to make the fought decisions and prevailed in spite of the leftists attempts to overrule the will of the voters in 2010. Common sense, indeed!!

  3. Splenderosa

    YES !!
    Here in Texas we cannot believe the uproar because of a Governor trying to balance the budget. And, I completely agree with Sherri B. about knowing all the facts. This is what our founders thought also. Come see our wedding post before I replace it with a fashion update. xx’s

  4. Mary from Michigan

    I HOPE the trend continues into November! Not only did Walker win, he won BIG! Now we must work hard and campaign in every way possible to ensure common sense prevails in November as well!

  5. Anonymous

    I guess you would feel differently if it was YOUR pocket he was picking. Try working and living for years with a MINIMAL paycheck, because you have been promised that your ‘benefits’ would ‘balance out’ the lower income. Now, when those so-called benefits are needed–retirement status–they are being jerked away. Yes, they got us all right.

  6. chateau chic

    Yeah!! So glad the silent majority wasn’t so silent this time and let their voice be heard.
    Mary Alice

  7. Valerie

    Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for being a voice of common sense and reason…it is sometimes depressing hopping around facebook and reading all of the liberal slant that constantly comes at me…(Ummm…former public school teahcer…need I say more?)


  8. Anonymous

    This gives me so much hope. I was appalled last year watching the violence and anarchy of the unions. God bless Scott Walker and his family.

  9. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Just so ya know,
    My husband HAS worked in the trades for YEARS for a minimal paycheck…. and now our (collective) pockets and the pockets are our children and grandchildren are being picked by the likes of this administration and it’s like-minded buddies (like the Unions).
    What is so hard to understand… WE (the nation) are BROKE! THERE IS NO MONEY! Sometimes changes need to be made for the greater good and Scott Walker had the stones to make those changes for his state.
    My husband worked for YEARS in the trades and when the economy tanked and the only people getting the bids were the Unions he applied and they treated him like scum… they want people like him to go stand under some pitiful giant, blow up rat!
    He would never do that.
    We’d kill to be making those Union wages you are complaining about… and benefits? Well, we’d gladly pay the 15 percent or whatever it is that Walker is asking for. I think many people would.

  10. Anne Marie

    hi Angela….funny dream last night…Jason and I were vacationing in door county, and you two were at the same resort place…we had a blast

    thought I’d share that with you

    hope you are doing well…
    Anne Marie

  11. Priscilla

    …if anything proves prayers work…


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