Reason No. One We are Planning to Home School…

Sep 22, 2007 | Homeschooling | 9 comments

“Dinner” tonight-

The total was $14.12 and I handed him a twenty, which he entered into the computer. At the last minute I said, “I have the twelve.” and slid twelve cents across the counter.

He had to call someone over for help.



  1. Faith

    Scary, isn’t it??? I mean there’s a brain fart,and then there’s just plain dumb!!!

  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    I agree that was he was dumb, but just because you send your kids to school doesn’t mean they don’t learn anything! I happen to be quite impressed with the things my kids come home knowing.

  3. cityfarmer

    Children may come home with backpacks full of knowledge….then there’s the other stuff they learn that you didn’t send them to school for…we all know what the other stuff is…and Homemaker Ang said it best…the end times are changing things drastically…we don’t know the half of the public school system…I mean kickbacks for ritalin prescriptons???? Can that possibly be true?

    it’s going to get worse, too

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Burbs –
    It was not my intention to imply that public schools = dumb. However we are very convicted that we are not willing to take certain chances. Dumb being one of them – other chances to follow as I post more blogs like this.

    Mom- Yes, kickbacks for ritalin (sp?) is true.

  5. Life in the 'Burbs

    And it is not my intention to claim that homeschooling isn’t beneficial. I would never tell someone not to homeschool, but I also don’t want to be told that sending your child to school is like sending them to hell. My children are saved (at least my oldest 2 are). We teach them at home what values they need to hold. They know they are not to marry anyone who doesn’t have Jesus in their heart. We talk to them daily about what is right and what is wrong. If/when they learn something in school that is not what we teach at home, we will deal with it with them. And who says I can’t pull them out if something is going to be taught that we don’t agree with. I, personally, would be a horrible teacher for my children when it comes to reading, writing and math. I feel like I would be a disservice to my children if they had to learn the basics from me. So just don’t make me feel bad for doing what I feel is best for them. As for those nasty public schools, not all of them are as bad as you may think. Have you even worked or been a part of one lately??? I have.

    ps…Ang, still love ya. Just feeling like a little banter today :o)

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Yo – That was more like a pouncing than banter, girl! I could hear it was coming in your voice on the phone 🙂

    I know you are a teacher. I know you are a wonderful teacher. I know not every public school is a disaster and I know that your kids are doing well and love school and are, upon your investigation going to one of the best school districts in the country.

    I don’t know however where it was implied that sending your children there is like sending them to hell.

    Upon re-reading my other comment to this post I did imply that those who sent their children to public schools WERE will to take certain chances but I suppose I can’t back away from that because I can’t have it both ways. If I say I am NOT willing to take the chances than I am saying that others are. It’s a little harsher than what I want it to be, especially when speaking to a friend but it is what it is. I can not have it both ways after making that statement.

    You and I have discussed at length how you would not be the best teacher for them – you are their Mom. You know best.

    I have NEVER made a blanket statement that homeschooling is THE answer for everyone.

    But the opposite is true for me. I do believe I will be my children’s best teacher. (Of course at some point a math tutor will be in demand!) I want to be the one to teach them to read. I want to watch their face someday as the discover Shakespeare and I want to be the one to introduce it to them.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST – I do not want them exposed to teachers that do not believe and put their faith in THE one true God. I know MANY Christians are teachers (I know lots!) but someone without that core belief has no business watching over my children for 8 hours a day. In my view this extends clear to the superintend. and school board – the people that choose the curricula.

    I do not want them exposed to history books which have been “re-written” and they have been in Illinois.

    I do not want them exposed to this perverted pop culture that very many of their schoolmates are fully submerged in by the age of 8… Brittany worship and an incomplete life with out the latest IPod.

    I do not want things like art and music to be things that are squeezed in when a school budget allows and to be considered things you do when you have a little extra time. Art and music are very much “life” and I plan to incorporate them into as much as I can as I teach.

    I do not want foreign language to be something they learn when that part of the brain has just about shut down (age 13).

    I do want them to learn a skill or do an apprenticeship when they are teens instead of sitting their hours away in a building.

    I do want them to learn by experience and thanks to you guys introducing us to Dave Ramsey our dreams now include things like a vacation in Greece to sum up our Greek history lessons…and the like.

    I do want them to receive a more classical education. Latin, the classics and being fully immersed in history. I strongly believe that today the more we know about what has gone on before us the more we will be able to critically analyze the world around us.

    I can go on but I intend to with more posts.

    I feel very strongly about letting my children go under someone else’s leadership. At this point we want nothing to do with it.

  7. Life in the 'Burbs

    OK…I’m sorry I was harsh in comparing sending children to school is like sending them to hell. You are one of my best friend’s and at the same time we differ on many topics. Most of the time, I can sit back and enjoy your point of view even if it isn’t mine. This is just one topic where I guess my fire is fueled.

    I, as well, want my children knowing and loving the arts. I view school as a great place to learn….remember your highschool choir days??? I surely do. I cherish those days and if it weren’t for those experiences, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My 2 kids are now in piano lessons so as to give them the basics they need to excel in music in and outside of school.

    You hit on a lot of things that I do agree with…materialism, pop culture…all that crap. But the way I see it, they are going to be exposed to it sooner or later, and I’d rather have them exposed now so I can help them make wise decisions with the use of their money, time and talents while they are still impressionable. I know many people who, once out of their parent’s leash, went to the wild side not knowing how to handle the things they were sheltered from (my dear hubby being one of them!)
    I am not implying that is what will happen with your sweet PR’s. As a matter of fact, I know you well enough to not let that happen. It’s just what I’ve seen from people I know, and I don’t want to let that happen to my kids either.

    I do not want to “banter” any further, even though I could…as could you. I guess I just needed to speak my side on this, just like you do sometimes :o)

    Love you, sister

  8. HomemakerAng

    I would like to know more where I can find any info about kickbacks for rit! INTERESTING!!

  9. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I thought I first read about it in Christina Hoff-Sommers’ book “The War Against Boys” but I read that about 4 years ago. I’ll look into it to make verify where I heard that.


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