I’ve kept my political mouth shut (read: typing fingers) for awhile now. For a few reasons: lack of energy to put forth my rants, lack of wanting to loose all my new “design” readers and complaints that sometimes my posts are “too long.”

I’ll keep this one short. If you have not hand written your Washington reps about this “health care reform” for the sake of your children’s tax rate, your elderly families medical rights and our poor economy – please do so and Please read this link. The White House is asking us to report “fishy” internet behavior that spreads mis-information about their “Health Care Reform.” If you didn’t just fall off your chair than maybe you should read that last line again. They want us to “tell on” our friends and family so…I saved everyone the trouble and…
I told on myself.
Dear Obama Administration,

I would like to report fishy behavior concerning information spread about your Health Care Reform.

I am reporting MYSELF. Any time I get the chance I inform my friends and family via emails, conversation and rants on my neighborhood corners about what your “reform” will really mean for this country today and for the country my children and grandchildren will inherit.
With all due respect, the only thing that smells “fishy” is the load of garbage in the form of “Health Care Reform” that you are trying to feed the American people. I pray that more of us will become “dissenters”, that we will stand up and simply hand it back to you and say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

-A.R. an Un-insured American.

You can do the same by emailing: flag@whitehouse.gov