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Aug 6, 2009 | Pop Culture/Politics | 15 comments

I’ve kept my political mouth shut (read: typing fingers) for awhile now. For a few reasons: lack of energy to put forth my rants, lack of wanting to loose all my new “design” readers and complaints that sometimes my posts are “too long.”

I’ll keep this one short. If you have not hand written your Washington reps about this “health care reform” for the sake of your children’s tax rate, your elderly families medical rights and our poor economy – please do so and Please read this link. The White House is asking us to report “fishy” internet behavior that spreads mis-information about their “Health Care Reform.” If you didn’t just fall off your chair than maybe you should read that last line again. They want us to “tell on” our friends and family so…I saved everyone the trouble and…
I told on myself.
Dear Obama Administration,

I would like to report fishy behavior concerning information spread about your Health Care Reform.

I am reporting MYSELF. Any time I get the chance I inform my friends and family via emails, conversation and rants on my neighborhood corners about what your “reform” will really mean for this country today and for the country my children and grandchildren will inherit.
With all due respect, the only thing that smells “fishy” is the load of garbage in the form of “Health Care Reform” that you are trying to feed the American people. I pray that more of us will become “dissenters”, that we will stand up and simply hand it back to you and say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

-A.R. an Un-insured American.

You can do the same by emailing: flag@whitehouse.gov


  1. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Bwahahaha! I must, being the honest person that I am…send an email to the BAMSTER and turn myself in. I’m sure the brownshirts will be GPS’ing my door soon. I’ll be one of the first ones they carry off to serve time for my crime!
    PS: I will never keep my mouth shut about socialism/communism/marxism and they can COUNT on that!

  2. Stickhorsecowgirls

    Holy cow!! I’m on this!! Thanks for the reminder to do something–anything at all–worries me. C

  3. Teri

    Ok…I am laughing OUT LOUD. I love your idea!
    Will spread the word to all I know.

    Love it!!!!

  4. Joannah

    You rock!

    That story had my panties in a wad yesterday. I am sickened by what this administration is trying to do to our country.

  5. Bonjour Madame

    Good one! I am officially over the top offended at how low they will go to trash anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

  6. Buttonchief7

    This is America, not Nazi Germany! We all have a right to speak without fear. B O should realize this isn’t Chicago his thugs are trying to control. God bless America.

  7. Lylah Ledner

    My double egg was awesome…BUT your post is more so. I’m shouting out every which way I can….you go girl!

    have a great weekend…

    la maison et le jardin

  8. Mary from Michigan

    Love your post. I’ll turn myself in for writing “fishy” letters to the editor of my local newspaper. BTW, since Dems are accusing us of being well-dressed angry mobs, I say we begin to wear fedora’s, pinstriped suits and dark sunglasses to these “Townhall Meetings”, and in true mobster form, take a dead fish wrapped in newspaper! Query: does Obama know more about Chicago mobster types than most?

  9. Thistle Cove Farm

    GOOD FOR YOU! I wrote an entry last Friday re. the “health care plan”. Dear Lord, seems to me KingO wants us to all have a planned time death in the motor vehicles building!
    If people would only READ instead of listen to 30 second sound bites, surely they would recognize “assisted suicide” language???
    If one is too old, too sick, too young…iow, in the womb…you’re OUTTA HERE!
    I’ve heard him called Angel of Death and gosh, is he ever EARNING his name!

  10. Mary @ Framed and Tagged

    This is unbelievable!! Well, good for you!!
    I sent them an especially long e-mail after I read your post…I had a lot of pent-up frustration…
    Thanks for posting about this…I will help you get the word out.

  11. Berlin Deluxxe

    Let me tell you something funny/sweet yet sad…
    In one of my last converstations with my grandmother she started weeping and asked me why did Obama take so much money away from her check. He was a thief.

  12. Anonymous

    Thank you! I have been missing your political “rants!” I love your blog and ALL your posts! I LOVE your bedroom. Gorgeous! So happy for you and your beautiful family about your husband’s new job and precious little one on the way.

    Patti H.
    Livonia, MI

  13. anita

    i’m with you sister!
    the current admin is a case of
    “be careful what you ask for-you just might get it”..

    my husband wants to make stickers
    that read: i did not vote for the communist party (currently called democrats) sad-true
    idealism is going to cost us all
    alot of freedoms if we dont WAKE UP

  14. Heidi

    You are a short-sighted fool. God have mercy on your soul.


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