Friday’s are always a fun day here in the farmhouse.

We publish a new video to YouTube every Friday and I have to say, I really, really enjoy this new “vlogging” adventure I am on. It wasn’t always like that.

About a year and a half ago I got a call from a reality television network. I’m human. My heart pounded with the excitement of being able to share my joie de vivre with a much bigger audience. I “passed” an extensive phone interview and then another video interview as well. It was time for the crew to come out and film what they call, “A Sizzle Real”.

I had visions of beautiful footage, garden tours, recipe making and children frolicking in the fields. I had a huge vision. But duh, it wasn’t MY show. What was I thinking? The contract for permission to film the sizzle real came across my desk and I got a pit in my stomach. Clearly, my fantasies were delusional.

The reality check (pun intended) was that this was for reality TV, farming show or not… they were going to get to do whatever they wanted with the footage, whether my family liked it or not.

And yet, there was still a HUGE part of me that wanted to use this show as a stepping stone. Fame is NOT my desire. But a bigger platform? For sure. I’m a businesswoman and darn it, I’ve got stuff I want to offer the world. On my good days 🙂

My attorney said, No way. My husband said, No way. And yet I continued to squirm and fight, knowing we had an impending move on the horizon… How could I ask them to film this sizzle real and then cut and run to a new home? They’d have to start over. That wouldn’t be fair to them.

I was lamenting all these crazy things to my best gal Shaye and she said, “Why don’t you build up your YouTube channel? Create your own show, where you could have creative control?”

Control? Who me? Are you insinuating that I’m a control freak?

If the Louboutin fits.

It’s the same reason I chose to self-publish my cookbook.

I wanted FULL creative control and I didn’t want to wait for approval from a publisher. I was encouraging a new cookbook author the other day to hold her head HIGH over her decision to self-publish. It’s not like “the old days” where you would self-publish out of a desperate feeling to share your content after numerous publishing rejections. Many of us have decided to self-publish so we can write, design and print our books with… you guessed it. Full creative control.

Would it be incredible to get a book deal? OF COURSE.

But there is no shame to self-publishing. It’s totally legit. I just did it again with my new day planner. But now, Let’s return to that pesky notion of having our own show.

I ruminated on Shaye’s idea for a few months. Stewing over it as we packed up moving boxes and made the huge move last December. I was COMPLETELY oblivious to the success people like my friends DaNelle, Toni and Lisa were experiencing on YouTube. I didn’t know about Justin Rhodes or anyone. I must have been under a rock.

And so, once we finally returned the moving truck I realized I had some major content to share. I could keep cooking and gardening and videoing that content BUT I could also journal… vlog… this amazing adventure of adjusting to life here in Door County and remodelling this home over the next few years. I could study this phenomenon we call YouTube… I could improve… and I could try, fail and try again… I love a good challenge.

And so… I’ve got my own show. We’ve got our own show…

Everyday Château.


And I love it. Like any project, it starts rough… bad camera equipment, no microphone, my stupid shaky hands… BUT it’s all heart. And it’s growing into something beautiful. I’m particularly proud of this week’s episode. And when you email me and tell me that you sat with your hubs and binge-watched the entire season… well, that makes me cry. You ladies know who you are.

Would we have gotten paid for the reality show? Yeah, just a little. Probably not worth the hassle of camera crews following us around all the time.

Do we get paid for our YouTube Channel? Yeah, pennies. But that’s OK. It will grow and we are so blessed to have you along for the ride.

Snow has fallen here in Door County.

We are just six weeks away from our one year anniversary. God is so good. He has been so gentle and gracious to us. I can’t believe we are here and I can’t believe we get to share this journey with you. Would I say yes to a “real” TV show in the future? Perhaps. But that’s not even on my radar. As the snow falls, it reminds me of how the dust has settled in my life. I’m settled. I’m content. And this is a good place to stay.