style="text-align: center;">I must confess, and you may not believe this,  but I did not protest (in public) today.  (In private within this family visit I did plenty of bitching).   I’m down on the family farm and there is not a protest for 100 miles that I know of.  
It wasn’t supposed to be like this but we stayed here a couple extra days…I know there will be more Tea Parties July 4th but convincing the Mr. to shout about with a sign on the 4th of July may be difficult.  I am reading every ones blogs and seeing photos of protesters decked in Paul Revere outfits and the like and I am feeling positively left out and hypocritical…
In the meantime you should read Joni’s account at Old Centennial Farmhouse and this article from the Wall Street Journal.
Laura’s show was positively inspiring too.  Damn.  I am feeling like  looser.  Especially after the money we personally shelled out to our rat hole of a government today to pay our taxes.  
I don’t remember the last time I have ever felt so left out.  
Thank you so much to all of you who went.  I am indebted to you.

Vive la Revolution!