Eight scrappy little rosemary plants from Home Depot turned into THIS!
I couldn’t believe it!  I have never seen Rosemary grow so big in this area.  The largest was 2′ x 3′!
I decided, since they were going to die anyways this winter I would harvest all that I could and try to over-winter them in my little green house.  So I hacked them all down, dug them out – saving two for my kitchen to enjoy – even though I kill Rosemary anytime I try to overwinter it.
 I could not resist displaying the sprigs in my baby blue roaster.  I added a little water to keep them fresh and now that they have started to wilt I am tying them in big bunches to dry for Christmas gifts.
 Our kitchen smelled SO fragrant that Joel said he could smell it OUTSIDE through the closed door when he got home from work!  Can you imagine living in a climate where Rosemary grows as big as an arborvitae?

I don’t know who was more exited about this harvest – the kids or myself.  Nothing like fresh, gorgeous dirt to run the trucks thru!