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Feb 14, 2009 | Random Thoughts | 8 comments

2:30 p.m.

As I sit listening to the yapping contest between both my neighbors puntable dogs I find myself, once again, strongly considering the purchase of a shot gun and farm in the middle of nowhere.


  1. Joni

    Come and be MY neighbor…I live in the middle of cornfields…it’s okay when the dog barks, it’s so distant, it doesn’t matter. We do, however hear the occasional shot ring out: this morning I think it was rabbit hunters in a nearby orchard! I have a feelng you and I would be great friends and neighbors, so come live on the Michigan prairie near me!

  2. Faith

    That would get really old!! Especially when you have little ones napping.

  3. Pug1

    Sorry that you have to put up with noisy dogs….I hope the rest of Valentines Day for you was better! CHEERS! Michele

  4. Berlin Deluxxe

    Thank you for your darling comment and sweet compliments:)
    I am originally from California but due to my husbands profession we travel back and forth from our home in Monterusciello, Italy and the East Coast. We will be moving back to California this year, so I am very excited! How fun to be a makeup artist! As a make-up lover I a big fan of your profession. I usually model for artists (I have a previous post with info) and a lot of film noir and 20’s style modeling.
    You’re so pretty my Parisienne friend,and I love your blog posts 🙂
    Bonne Saint Valentin!

  5. Joannah

    Did they leave their dogs outside? Isn’t it too cold for dogs to be outdoors at night?

    I’m sorry you have such inconsiderate neighbors.

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Sadly it’s not really my profession – I just LOVE makeup (I used to sell it). Now I am dabbling, trying to start a photography business but I am afraid I am going to have to bring my makeup along with me. It seems these girls have lost the very idea of how far a little concealer and blush will go!

  7. Anne Marie

    Thus why we moved 🙂 to such a place….the serenity is definately here amongst God’ bounty.


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