Quoi de neuf?

Aug 9, 2006 | French Farmhouse Design | 0 comments

Pas beaucoup. (What’s new, not alot.) The blasted bee are out. Babydoll and I were having our morning breakfast on the porch. we were thoroughly enjoying les fraises (strawberrys) and we were swarmed with bees. Another reason to live in Paris. I have never been attacked by bees in Paris no matter how sweet a delight I was enjoying.
I began this morning with laps in my neighbors pool. I recently finished (and highly recommend for my fellow French junkies) “On Rue Tatin” and it in the author describes her morning ritual of biking thru 3 small towns to a local lake for a swim in the mist. I was hardly surround by picturesque Normandy scenery and early morning mist but there is something euphoric about swimming outside in the morning tout seule. Now if I can just get out of bed early enough to finish my swim every morning so Joel can leave for work on time. This morning it was especially difficult to rise – we were up til midnight AGAIN watching a movie. The night before last it was “The Worlds Fastest Indian” …very good and last night we were on the edge of our seats and learning more about Cuban history then we ever thought we could in “The Lost City.”…highly recommended.
I have always said that I can not wait ’til Castro dies, I am going to give
Cuba ten years or so to get back on her feet and then I am off to HAVANA! The music of that culture is some of the most beautiful in the world in my opinion. I think it would be fantastic to play in the white sands and then Salsa ’til 3am in one of Havana’s most jammin’ clubs. I know it may never happen (who is next in line over there anyways? Vive la revoltuion if it is another Communists crazy!) So here I am. Pas de neuf, just put babes down for his morning nap. I am going to resist taking one myself, fold laundry, maybe do a French lesson or listen to some music.
Just checking in.

Photo credit: Yahoo Image search: Havana Cuba


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