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QUICK! Off the Top of My Head…Ten Things You Will Never Hear Me Say

1. “Let’s take Aidan to the MacDonald’s Playland!”
2. “I love football!”
3. “Thanks, I dyed it myself.”
4. “Where are my Berkenstocks?”
5. “Joel, Let’s build a house.”
6. “Thanks, I got it at Walmart.”
7. “Go Jeff Go!”
8. “Gardens are just too much work.”
9. “It’s too hot outside.”
10. “Vote Hillary!”

8 thoughts on “QUICK! Off the Top of My Head…Ten Things You Will Never Hear Me Say”

  1. love it as i do, this has nothing to do with your post… do you all dye easter eggs? or would you be interested in making an exception so that i have someone to do them with this year? can’t make it home to minnesota.. ?

  2. What about, “Joel can you hand me my white tennis shoes, I’m going to go for a walk along the Champs Elysees.”
    Finished your research?

  3. How is it that you and I are such good friends?? Do opposites really attract? Or do you just pretend to like me and secretly, deep down think that I am the biggest dork you’ve ever met! Truthfully, I love football, I really want to build my next house, Gardens really ARE too much work, and if it makes the kids happy when daddy is working late…what the heck is wrong with McD’s playland!!!??? :o)

  4. Looks like we have a couple of new friends…I’ve almost got Annie talked into a blog. Of course, I offered my suggestions for a name. “Annie Get Your Blog!”

  5. What is wrong with fanny packs? 🙂 Women are allowed to carry whatever satchel they like but if men find something practical we get ripped on. Have you ever seen a woman carrying 42 pieces of luggage at an airport. NO, its the man’s job to do all that. She just waltzes along looking the part…. 🙂 Dean

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