What a week!  Me-n-my chickens and Big Daddy have been down on the Farm for seven days.  And not just any farm but my Grandparents piece of paradise just outside of Mapdot, Indiana.  (These days it does not feel as “map dot” as it used too with Truck Stop lights on the all to close northern horizon being taller and brighter than ever and as you will see, modern wind technology visible on the far southern horizon.)

Every year when the G.P.’s as we call them get home from Florida Joel and I like to go down and help clean up the house.  Sometimes that means arriving before they get home to wipe down windowsills and run the vacuum and other years that means not getting their til May to help plant flowers.  This year put us there just days after their arrival for a wonderful time of visiting and of course a little clean up too.  A bird had gotten into the basement of “the big house” and had sh*& all over the place and there were flower beds full of dead perennials and leaves.

It wasn’t all work – we did get a bizarre kick out of visiting the expansive line of windmills.  Aidan LOVES windmills and was in his glory.  The rest of us enjoyed the photo opp but found ourselves completely creeped out by this ugly technology encroaching on Indiana farmland.  There are hundreds in the area and it’s rumored there are more to come.  Juls (my Aunt) and I snagged moments here and there to tinker with Photoshop but getting a couple things done for Gram was the priority.  Aidan and I raced the train, smashed plenty of pennies and got the conductor to wave at him, there were multiple laps around the property in the golf cart and by the end of the week Aidan was skillfully stearing on his own and we looked on as Great Uncle Wally drove down the road in his tractor to come and dig a new garden for Gramma!  We played “Skip-Bo 15” talked Tea Parties and pitiful Presidents, drank a little wine and had a few good You Tube laughs of course too.  

On Thursday we were going to leave but I thought “Why bother?”  The kids and I stayed but we sent Joel home to work for a few days that evening only to have him return an hour later.  I-65 had been SHUT DOWN due to hazardous chemical spill resulting from a 3 semi accident.  He turned around, went to bed and left around 3:45 a.m.  He worked Friday and Saturday and joined us again this morning.  What a saint.

The Farmgirl in me was thrilled to take the kids on long country walks and I very much enjoyed the mental clarity that comes over me when I get out of the suburbs.  (The Parisienne in me however was gagging for a Latté the entire time!)

It was so very good to see my Grandparents!  I missed my Grandma so much and found myself in tears over that longing quite a few times when we would I-Chat or talk on the phone this past winter.  Even as a child I would stare out the back window of our family car as we would drive home from the farm and cry. 

We had such a wonderful time.  A little crazy the first few days and then peaceful and perfect.  The Farm is kinda like Paris.  The minute I leave I start scheming on how I can get back…