Another word I didn’t think of.
But you just gotta give credit where it’s due and that credit would go to my favorite; Laura Ingraham.

They are everywhere aren’t they?

December French Vogue Cadeux ad
December French Vogue spread.  I mean, that’s “fun” and all… but it’s a shame is so close to the norm for how we present little girls.
Remember when little girls dressed like little girls instead of mini-women?
What’s wrong with looking like a sweet, little girl while you still can?

All you have to do is walk thru any local “department store” and the signs are all there. Padded bras for six year olds, sweatpants for our little ones with words on the bum… but hey… Mom’s bum says, “Juicy” and “Pink” so what the heck?

little girl wearing Juicy tracksuit

Are we so dumbed down, over-sexualized and desensitized as women that we have forgot what a man thinks of when he sees the words “Juicy” spread across someones ass?

Cadeux double ad spread

From Bratz Dolls to disasters like Miley Cyrus, our precious little girls are encouraged to grow up… in fact, practically bypass childhood and its innocence. This culture is so hyper-sexualized and our daughters are the victims.

For those of us Moms who aren’t down with short shorts for our little ones BUT who enjoy fashion ourselves, there has to be some sort of line between this…

girls wearing clothes designed for modesty

(Modest (read: frumpy)  clothing found at, which I would NEVER make my girls wear)

and this…

girl wearing Work In Progress, Good to Go tank top

Do you need a moment to wipe the vomit from the screen? Go ahead. Take all the time you need.


I learned so much from my Mom about taking care of myself.
She taught me some pretty handy things, like how to apply eyeshadow…
That no matter how crappy your outfit, throw on a trench coat, lipstick and earrings and you can run your errands without shame.
Stockings should match your shoes or be nude… it drove me crazy in high school when girls would wear black stockings with white shoes.
Funny, I don’t remember her teaching me too much about modesty. Maybe that’s my forgetfulness or maybe that’s because I wasn’t being bombarded with images of skanks and words like “Diva,” “Princess,” “Hot,” “Juicy,” “Spoiled,” and the like.

In the early 80s I was a die hard Strawberry Shortcake girl…
Think I’d buy LeeLee a S.S. doll off the shelves today?

Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s and in the 2000s

Nope.   Just not into it.

So, what do you think?
Do you have to dress in a shapeless jumper to be modest?
I don’t think so… though I dress my girls in long dresses all the time, and love them myself… a shapeless sack you will never find us in.

What defines modesty? It doesn’t have to equal frumpy.  I refuse to believe that. And it doesn’t mean walking around in complete denial that y0u have curves and are a woman.   I think you just have to apply some common sense and consider “stages” with our daughters. If your daughter wants to wear a teeny, tiny, mini skirt at age nine and you let her, what they heck is she gonna wanna wear at 13 when she realizes the attention she can get by wearing that skirt? What I am saying is, if you don’t have a plan, if there aren’t some rules in place, some “stages” thought out if you will, it’s going to be very hard to come back from certain allowances without sparking anger and rebellion on the part of our daughters. Does that make sense?

There’s got to be some rules though don’t there?
Here’s a couple off the top of my head…
-No micro-mini skirts. Ever. That goes for you too Mom. Yuck.
– No words.  Not “Juicy”, not “Diva”, not nothin’.
-Bikinis for babies? Sure, they’re fat and cute. For eight year olds? I just don’t think that’s gonna happen in this house. And if so, they won’t, for heavens sake have triangle boob patches like some Victoria’s Secret mini-me.
-Absolutely no exposure to the not-so-tots in the culture… Miley, Brittany, whoever you are on the horizon, my daughters will not have a clue who you are, so take your filth somewhere else.

My daughters will be taught about fashion. They will be taught about what colors they look good in, how to sew, fashion history and how to walk in heels when the time comes. They will be taught to honor their Dad, their brother and their God with their clothing, not in some sick Duggars way, but in a way that allows them to express themselves thru fashion without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

And though our tastes won’t always be the same, they are going to have a stylish, presentable Mom that they can look up to instead of be embarrassed by. It’s a huge task ahead of me… and I know, I write like it will be so easy. But this Momma Lion is not taking this Prostitot thing lying down. This is real, there is junk in the world that will destroy our little ones if we don’t batten down the hatches and make a plan.

You with me?



Images found by Googling “Prostitots” and “Children Modestly Dressed”