“Prostitots”: A Momma Lion Motherhood Rant.

Mar 23, 2011 | On Motherhood | 49 comments

Another word I didn’t think of.
But you just gotta give credit where it’s due and that credit would go to my favorite; Laura Ingraham.

They are everywhere aren’t they?

December French Vogue Cadeux ad
December French Vogue spread.  I mean, that’s “fun” and all… but it’s a shame is so close to the norm for how we present little girls.
Remember when little girls dressed like little girls instead of mini-women?
What’s wrong with looking like a sweet, little girl while you still can?

All you have to do is walk thru any local “department store” and the signs are all there. Padded bras for six year olds, sweatpants for our little ones with words on the bum… but hey… Mom’s bum says, “Juicy” and “Pink” so what the heck?

little girl wearing Juicy tracksuit

Are we so dumbed down, over-sexualized and desensitized as women that we have forgot what a man thinks of when he sees the words “Juicy” spread across someones ass?

Cadeux double ad spread

From Bratz Dolls to disasters like Miley Cyrus, our precious little girls are encouraged to grow up… in fact, practically bypass childhood and its innocence. This culture is so hyper-sexualized and our daughters are the victims.

For those of us Moms who aren’t down with short shorts for our little ones BUT who enjoy fashion ourselves, there has to be some sort of line between this…

girls wearing clothes designed for modesty

(Modest (read: frumpy)  clothing found at jumpinbloomers.com, which I would NEVER make my girls wear)

and this…

girl wearing Work In Progress, Good to Go tank top

Do you need a moment to wipe the vomit from the screen? Go ahead. Take all the time you need.


I learned so much from my Mom about taking care of myself.
She taught me some pretty handy things, like how to apply eyeshadow…
That no matter how crappy your outfit, throw on a trench coat, lipstick and earrings and you can run your errands without shame.
Stockings should match your shoes or be nude… it drove me crazy in high school when girls would wear black stockings with white shoes.
Funny, I don’t remember her teaching me too much about modesty. Maybe that’s my forgetfulness or maybe that’s because I wasn’t being bombarded with images of skanks and words like “Diva,” “Princess,” “Hot,” “Juicy,” “Spoiled,” and the like.

In the early 80s I was a die hard Strawberry Shortcake girl…
Think I’d buy LeeLee a S.S. doll off the shelves today?

Strawberry Shortcake in the 1980s and in the 2000s

Nope.   Just not into it.

So, what do you think?
Do you have to dress in a shapeless jumper to be modest?
I don’t think so… though I dress my girls in long dresses all the time, and love them myself… a shapeless sack you will never find us in.

What defines modesty? It doesn’t have to equal frumpy.  I refuse to believe that. And it doesn’t mean walking around in complete denial that y0u have curves and are a woman.   I think you just have to apply some common sense and consider “stages” with our daughters. If your daughter wants to wear a teeny, tiny, mini skirt at age nine and you let her, what they heck is she gonna wanna wear at 13 when she realizes the attention she can get by wearing that skirt? What I am saying is, if you don’t have a plan, if there aren’t some rules in place, some “stages” thought out if you will, it’s going to be very hard to come back from certain allowances without sparking anger and rebellion on the part of our daughters. Does that make sense?

There’s got to be some rules though don’t there?
Here’s a couple off the top of my head…
-No micro-mini skirts. Ever. That goes for you too Mom. Yuck.
– No words.  Not “Juicy”, not “Diva”, not nothin’.
-Bikinis for babies? Sure, they’re fat and cute. For eight year olds? I just don’t think that’s gonna happen in this house. And if so, they won’t, for heavens sake have triangle boob patches like some Victoria’s Secret mini-me.
-Absolutely no exposure to the not-so-tots in the culture… Miley, Brittany, whoever you are on the horizon, my daughters will not have a clue who you are, so take your filth somewhere else.

My daughters will be taught about fashion. They will be taught about what colors they look good in, how to sew, fashion history and how to walk in heels when the time comes. They will be taught to honor their Dad, their brother and their God with their clothing, not in some sick Duggars way, but in a way that allows them to express themselves thru fashion without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

And though our tastes won’t always be the same, they are going to have a stylish, presentable Mom that they can look up to instead of be embarrassed by. It’s a huge task ahead of me… and I know, I write like it will be so easy. But this Momma Lion is not taking this Prostitot thing lying down. This is real, there is junk in the world that will destroy our little ones if we don’t batten down the hatches and make a plan.

You with me?



Images found by Googling “Prostitots” and “Children Modestly Dressed”


  1. Brynwood Needleworks

    Bravo, Angela! This grandma couldn’t agree with you more! Bless you for everything you said. I think it was Jeff Foxworthy or Bill Englund who said, “Ladies. No one over 50 should ever wear anything that says, “juicy”. Ever! (My thoughts exactly!)
    Hugs from Florida,

  2. Kalee

    Bravo Angela! It really disturbs my husband and I to see the way little girls are allowed to dress these days. I think a shorter jean skirt on a 12 year old is fine, as long as she has on thick black leggings underneath, lol.

    As for those photos, they were disturbing. I think the one with the two little girls and the mirror looks fairly innocent (the clothes are a bit big and it’s looks to me like two girls raiding their mama’s closet) but the others are way too “grown-up” sexy for my comfort.

    I think that some parents think it’s “cute.” It’s not. It’s disturbing. I have the same issues with parents of teenage girls who allow them to leave the house on halloween looking like prostitutes. First, they’re too old to trick-or-treat and secondly, they look like they’re going to some twisted orgy. Why are we as a society okay with that?

  3. Adrienne


    Here’s something else to think (rant) about. The girls dress like little slobs when they go to school (so do the boys.) When girls are dressed in ugly dirty jeans, uncombed hair, and sloppy tops (low cut) – they sit like boys, slouch, and just generally behave sloppily. Does anyone really think they do their best academic work dressed like that?

    Put those kids in uniforms – something simple like khaki slacks/skirts and polo tops. No more problem with the slutty factor.

    The biggest thumbs down go to the fathers. What father, in his right mind, would want his daughter going around looking like a slut?

    Answer? A man who has been emasculated by a feminazi wife.

  4. primitive ole frugal mumma

    oh i so agree with this ,there is no need for this sort of rubish and yet every time i go in to a cloth shop its there yuck noooo thankyou let our children be children lord knows they grow up fast enough as it is with out dressing up as minnie models ,, we like our girls to be just that little girls 🙂

    Heidi 🙂

  5. Brenda Hodges

    Wonderful thoughts…as the mother of 3 (now adult) daughters and 2 (thus far) granddaughters, I couldn’t agree more. I am so amazed at the mothers who allow their precious little ones to prance about in leopard printed leggings and halter tops. My son and 3 (thus far) grandsons have been (and are now being) taught that a woman is to be respected, her eyes are where you look and stylish modesty is what is truly attractive. Keep up the good work with your little chickens!

  6. marisa


    I agree with you 100%, thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  7. Amanda


    Not to mention what our boys have to struggle with when they see these little teenie boppers out and about.

  8. Pam

    Oh, I’m with you alright! I only have a son, but still – I don’t want him bombarded with those images, either. I totally agree with you and couldn’t have said it any better!

  9. Parisienne Farmgirl

    You ladies are all hitting at my follow post… the dads that let their girls out of the house like this AND the effect on the little boys!!!

  10. Janelle - The Farmer's Wife

    I teach high school…so you can about imagine what I get to see EVERY DAY!!!!! I am sooooooo tired of the completely innapropriate clothing!!! And not just innapropriate but just unclassy (is that a word!?) I don’t think anyone looks in a mirror before they leave the house!!!

  11. Ginger@cottageonrosewood

    I just can’t imagine what goes through a parent’s head when they allow their child to pose for that garbage. I am sickened that we have stooped this low. I have never understood the whole Toddlers & Tiaras thing either. Who really needs to validate themselves so much that they would dress up their daughters, prance them around and have strangers say, oh yes she’s pretty. Thank you very much, I don’t need that. My daughters are beautiful and I intend to allow them to be little girls as long as possible!

  12. Pamela

    Great post!
    So well said!
    I don’t have a daughter and at times like this I get relieved. It can be so stressful with the way the media is.
    My son is in grade six and not into girls thank god but the girls are sooo boy crazy. It makes me shudder…especially since the girl’s mother’s all gloat about it!

  13. TheEccentricLady

    What a great post! I work at a sheriff office and check in the sex offenders. This is one reason they keep doing what they are doing! Modiesty can be fashionable. Heels? I can not believe how many women I watch trying to walk in heals. They look like truck drives in heels or like they are disabled. I think we need to bring back classes on posture and poise.

  14. Shawna


    This follows in line with loosing/crushing a child’s imagination by not encouraging them to play make belief with their teddy’s, cars, dolls etc.

    There is no reason for little girls to wear a thong at the age of 10 – nor need a cell phone!!!!

    B A H!

  15. Rosa

    Oh my! The ‘fashion’ ad is disturbing and the t-shirt???
    Words fail me.

  16. a lovely mess.

    UH! I could scream! My little girl will be in moo-moo’s her whole life!

  17. Priscilla

    You have done it again, Angela!!!!!
    You never fail to see the truth in the hype around us.
    When my two girls were young enough for me to still being choosing what they wore, watched, listened to, etc. I made sure it was decent, wholesome, and age-appropriate. I was fortunate to know how to sew. I loved making beautiful dresses with smocking, lace, and embroidery. I bought play clothes, but it was so hard to buy flat shoes. The 1 or 2 inch heels on a 3 year old (or even a 10 year old) look really stupid. They’re dangerous to growing ankles, not to mention to their minds. Making them think they are grown ups.
    I really hate the Jr. Hooker look. These mothers who moan that they just don’t know why their 13 year-olds are pregnant or taking drugs, or “sexting”. I want to shake them and say, “you stupid woman, what do you expect when you dress them like sluts?”
    I don’t believe we need to make them into Amish, but neither do we need to let them emulate those vulgar entertainers, either.
    Keep up the good work, Angela. You are thinking right, and raising your precious children the right way, too.
    Take are of your self. I hope you are feeling well.

  18. Mrs. B.

    Here, here! I’ll raise my glass to that.
    WHO in the world makes a shirt like that little girl was wearing? “Good to go.” So so sad.
    We don’t do bikinis in our house…not even when they’re babies. Because when you do you stop? What’s the point that you say, “now you look too old, people might oggle you.” So we just do one piece or tankini all the way.
    Takes the guess-work out of it.

    And the moms (shoot, ANYone) who wear words on their butts…ridiculous.

    There is the option of being fashion forward and keeping things covered up in a modest way. It’s something I’m going to be striving for to set a good example for my girl.

    Great post, once again my dear.

  19. Carolyne

    *Hurrah* Angela!


  20. Homemaker Ang

    Great one!

    We have to remember as moms to also walk the talk ;). Check out most local churches USA on Sunday morning these days! I have seen it all, literally. Momma’s are hooches and they wonder why their daughters want to dress this way so young? The poor little girls are screaming out to duplicate their role model, their mother!!!… I think it starts with us first…

    If I don’t want my super model daughters wearin’ bikinis, short shorts, cleavage baring shirts how can we expect any less if I wear them ??? If I want my daughters to wear a skirt or dress why will they if I never do? If I want my girls to embrace femininity why will they if I have man hair?

    And while we are on the subject… “Hey hoochie momma’s,my husband and I, ours sons and daughters too, we don’t wanna see your butt crack, thongs and boobs in church! There has to be 1 safe place besides our home! Save these for your husband, not mine. And if you don’t have a husband? Your skanky dress won’t attract a good hubby either if you didn’t know that already!

    Great post!

    Sounds like an old HomemakerAng post 😉

    Ps. The jumpers are cute with amy butler fabrics 🙂

  21. Theanne and Baron

    Absolutely with you…no daughters but 2 granddaughters, the oldest will be 16 soon she’s been dressing like a “prostitot” since my son divorced her mother. Sadly I am estranged from this g’daughter, her choice, so have no influence on her what-so-ever. The youngest granddaughter is 3 going on 4. I have a good relationship with her and my DIL…she won’t be wearing “prostitot” clothes…she will be allowed to be a child. Parents allow the prostitot behavior, encourage the prostitot behavior, I am very happy that you don’t (certainly didn’t expect that you would). Bravo for letting your girls be their age! (I always think of JonBenet Ramsey…what kind of life did that little girl have?)

  22. A Cottage Muse

    Oh my…those Vogue photos are unbelievable!

    I love this post! I wish quite a few women in my town would read it and get rid of the short skirts and inappropriate tank tops. I also don’t like to see Moms wearing sweatshirts with aeropostale or american eagle on them…but that’s just me!

    Teaching our little girls fashion tips and how to shop and dress classically is so smart! My daughter is 21 and loves Audrey Hepburns style…thank God!

  23. melodramaticfool

    GIRLFRIEND!!! Awesome post and you’ve covered just about everything I see (and am bothered by) in the world today. My now 8 year-old daughter will never be able to dress like a mini-adult until she is one! And even then, hopefully the only adult she’ll want to emulate is Me. I think anyone with anything written across their butts is drawing attention to the part of themselves that they think is most important. Sad.

  24. Carissa

    Oh my am I on board with you!!! That image of the girl in the tank top???? I am still picking my jaw up off of the ground. Speechless really. So sad!

    I couldn’t agree more!!!

    I also do not want my son bombarded with these so called fashions. I’m constantly covering his eyes when we are in check out lanes at the grocery store, or rearranging the magazines with better images (if you can find any?). I’m sure the clerk just loves it when I come down their aisle. I ditto what the other mom said… There is no need for bikini’s at any age, mama or child. It is like wearing your bra in front of your son… would a Mama in their right mind do that?
    I’m trying to teach him to respect a lady, not gawk at her. our little men have it hard enough dealing with their feelings.

    It is time for Mother’s and Father’s alike to step up to the plate and teach our son’s and daughter’s how to dress and act.

    Great, great post!

    Hope you are feeling better!


  25. Simply Lavender

    THANK YOU Angela for speaking up!! This gramma of 10 grandaughters is standing up and yelling *GO ANGELA!* I can’t believe what is happening to the *fashions* of today…..(I use the term lightly).
    Looks to me like everyone goes around dressed like street walkers and calls it chic.What the??
    When did a slip become something you wear on the outside??
    I also have 8 grandsons…and they struggle everyday with keeping their thoughts where they should be! Come on girls! We don’t need to see your bra straps, bum cracks, or boobs! there is a way to dress modestly and still look darling. I am just sickened by the fashion sleeze out there!
    If you can’t find something modest and *in*….then get busy and sew!
    You have feet in your shoes and brains in your head! you can choose something better!
    Thank you again Angela for speaking up for the little girls out there! Come on moms, you need to be leading the way in the war on sleeze!

  26. joanna

    I am with you. I have an 11 year old daughter and I have always tried to keep her modestly dressed and still really cute. I find that as she grows it is getting harder and harder to find clothes for her! The pre-teen/teen stuff is almost all terrible! So far she has been with me on this…but she would rather have some new clothes than nothing and I have had to walk out of far too many stores empty handed lately…more people need to voice their opinions and maybe the people designing clothes will take notice.

  27. Kalee

    I’ve come back to quickly comment again. I think part of the problem is that little girls are watching shows that are not appropriate for them and seeing that they’re “supposed” to be sexy. I will admit I watch crap t.v., but I’m a married adult and past the age of influence. I would never allow my children to watch half the shows on t.v. And many people yell out that certain shows should not be on t.v. then, but where does the parental responsibility come in?

    I remember we were living in England when Gossip Girl came on the air and I had no idea what it was about. But I read somewhere that one of the lead males had a pre-teen come up to him and say how much she loved the show. His response was fascinating to me, because he flat out said that it wasn’t for girls her age. He seemed flabbergasted that she watched it.

    And let’s not even get into the books that completely put sex out there as if it’s nothing. Convents. My daughters will all be in convents. Because I’m terrified what it will be like in 10-15 years.

  28. Parisienne Farmgirl

    100% Amen to you Kalee to both your comments! But especially the one about TV…If you don’t wet their appetite for that crap with television you can hold off on their exposure to it!
    My kids can barely properly identify Elmo at the stores! It cracks me up!

    Moms who want their kids to “fit in” scare me.

    Really, you want your kids to “fit in” with THAT? I would rather have the nerdiest children ever then have to tell me teenage daughter to march her butt back upstairs and put on some clothes.

    I remember in first grade (I think) the song “Beat it” came out and ALL, I mean ALL the kids were singing it at school. I had no idea what they were talking about – that is until the Disney channel set it to Mickey Mouse cartoons and used it in their little show “D-Tv”. I had no idea it wasn’t really a song set to a Mickey Mouse cartoon. I would not have known who Michael Jackson was if he moon walked down the halls of our school!

  29. cathy

    Way to go Mama Lion, you hit the nail right on the head! Those images are so disturbing I felt dirty looking at them. 🙁
    One of the most rewarding days of my life was when my 20 yr old daughter thanked me for NOT letting her dress like her friends. She admitted she had no idea what the boys were really thinking…
    Can I repost this on my blog?

  30. Stephanie

    This is so true! Have you seen the detergent commercial where the dad sees his daughter micro mini skirt on the clothes line and wipes his rusty hands on it so she won’t wear it. Then the girl finds it and runs to her mom who saves the day by washing it so her daughter is ready to go out and face the world in a 12″ mini skirt. And she gives a dirty look to her husband for doing such a thing too. The mom and daughter are teamed up in her wearing a skirt that’s way too short. That commercial has bothered me so much!

  31. Mandy

    i agree with you 110% my daughter is 6, and no longer allowed to wear bikinis (since she was 2!) and we have family that rolls their eyes at us, but whatever!

    i have to say you lost me on the strawberry shortcake thing, we have strawberry around and she’s dressed modestly! and she’s one of the new ones:)

  32. Deanna

    Dear Momma Lion,
    Roar really loud….our culture needs to hear ya.

    I shake my head and have trouble believing that in the year 2011 there are slaves in the world and the United States has sex trafficing going on. Tis true…all of it.

    Keep roaring,
    d from homehaven

  33. Jynene

    …thank you for this rant! what parents are doing to some of these Little Girls today is absolutely Horrible. Horrible. Shame on them. Rant On!!!

  34. Amy in CA

    I am SO with you. I have been actively teaching my 9 year old daughter about modesty since she was 3! Her little friends all want to dress in the latest styles from the Justice store, and she is very interested in that. I compromise where I can, but I don’t like a large percentage of what I see in that store, so she can only wear about 10% of it!
    No bikinis….and Daddy feels strongly about this one. She is already complaining about that, but she’ll live. 🙂 We have a larger vision for her, and I find that expecting her to rise to it is MUCH better than dumbing her down to the culture’s level.
    Thank you for speaking the truth! I have my work cut out for me, with 2 little boys, too!

  35. Amy in CA

    I will also add that I loved, loved, loved Wendy Shalit’s book, “Return to Modesty”. Good read!


  36. paperbird

    Wonderful post- that last image made me want to cry, how sad was that?
    It is up to us as mothers to make sure our daughters grow up with values. I love that you posted this.

  37. Renata

    OH my – these pictures make me so sad -& as for that shirt – it should be illegal. I am thankful that we homeschool as it means Ellie is not being bombarded with these types of pictures or friends who wear this style of “grown-up” clothes. I still love that at 7 she can get away with sweet dresses – although definitely the styles have changed over the years. I agree with what you said about shorts & skirts – not too short! We are teaching her this already – & about modest – which is something I missed out on also, although we were raised in a Christian household!
    Very interesting post!

  38. Katie Rose

    Awesome! Very well said. As the mother of a baby girl (who we “joke” will be wearing the cast-off button up long sleeved flannels and denim overalls our friends’ gorgeous daughter will have outgrown) I am always thrilled when I see that there are other women like me with similar views. My daughters will dress appropriately and modestly if I have to learn to sew and make their clothes my self.

  39. à la parisienne

    The day after Christmas my husband and I went to Barnes and Noble after our little date, and I actually picked up this Decemeber 2010 French Vogue magazine to find some fashion inspiration. As I thumbed through the pages, I was disgusted by the immorality throughout and then I ran into the Prostitots spread. My stomach sank as reality set in. What was this? It literally made me sick. I put the magazine down, paid for the book in my hand, and we left. On the way out, I told my husband that I’d seen the most disgusting thing and that this world just gets more vile and wicked every day. Seriously, I can’t believe anyone with any kind of conscience could allow a young girl to dress in such provocative, suggestive ways. I HATE the terms Diva and Princess when describing young girls, and I also HATE to see little girl bikinis hanging on the racks in stores. People must be so naive to think that disgusting men aren’t looking at their little girls when they wear this trash.
    I have had to throw away so many cartoon DVDs that unknowing conservative family members buy our daughter because they are so worldly, disrespectful, and inappropriate. There is no way in the world that we can bury our heads in the sand. We have to constantly be vigilant about what is out there. It’s definitely going to be a full-time job just to filter the trash around our children and homes. I pray God will have mercy on our degenerate nation and world.


  40. steppingmywaytobliss

    What a wonderful post! I am so glad I found your blog (through “In My World”). I am sickened by the ads (which is fodder for perverts) you showed and I applaud your efforts with your own children. Just this week there was the Abercrombie bikini uproar–so evidently this PROBLEM is not going away anytime soon.

    I think all schools should have uniform policies through 12th grade. Where they refuse to have uniforms, then have a strict dress code and enforce it. And where opponents cry “foul! Kids need to express themselves” then put the kids in an art class, encourage creative writing…something constructive.

    Obviously you hit a nerve with me. : ) This is a great example of one of the many reasons I am doing my current series…I needed to vocalize somehow, some way. xxBliss

  41. Yen


    I have a 15 month old daughter. Many clothes/dresses for her out there are “trendy” and similar to styles worn by grown ups (like jeggings, haltered shirts). Although I prefer to dress her in pretty dresses or comfortable play clothes, I usually can’t avoid getting her the more trendy ones. So as a rule of thumb I just make sure that even at a young age (or any age) the value of modesty is reflected on what she wears.

  42. Tina Leigh

    And last night I was looking at our local news paper to find the winners and runner’s up of the county beauty paget…….I think childrens services should be called to most of the parents of the little girls in the photos!!!! What the HELL is wrong with a parent that they would put makeup on babies!!! The older girls (18 year olds) had less makeup on than the 1-12 year old girls!!!! I swear to you that if my daughter-n-law tries to dress my granddaughter like that I will whip her…..OK you get my drift!! This is a topic that boils me every single time!!!!!! And I think living in the South….women tend to go WAY OVER BOARD with their daughters and the dress code!! You wouldnt believe what I see girls in even at the House of GOD!!!! Well….Im getting really ticked…you sure know how to press my buttons girl!!! Love your RANTS!!!!!!

  43. Tina Leigh

    And by the way…I have been catching episodes of the Waltons on tv of late. I had forgot what a great show it was! Here is another RANT for ya to explore sometime….why cant we have ANYTHING as good as the Waltons to watch on TV anymore! Im so sick of the crap that is shoved in your face when you turn the tv on!!!!

  44. Lauren B

    amen, amen, and amen! I pray for you mamma’s that take raising girls seriously. Thank you for being one to influence, to take the tiresome walk upstream, against the flow! May Jesus guide you today and always! Thanks for sharing

  45. Susie Q

    What a terrific post…and thanks. Been there with you and Lord. I’m so glad that my daughter wears a uniform so we don’t have to discuss what she’s wearing to school. We have had some discussions about inappropriate clothing but so far it’s okay…but geez! AND you mentioned one of my favs…Laura Ingraham.


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