13 thoughts on “Pray for Youcef!”

  1. thanks for letting me know about this angela. we don’t get TV at all, so many times i’m in the dark (which, generally spealing i like;)) my prayers will be for him and his famiyl, all the others persectued in Christ’s name…

  2. Thanks for posting this, more people need to know what things will be like if we allow this country to let Sharia law creep in. Only today the news reported a woman is going to be lashed for driving – DRIVING – a car in Saudi Arabia. With friends like this…

  3. It’s easy to take our freedoms for granted until you read something like this.
    Freedom is an easy thing to lose. I will pray for this man and his family, as I pray for our country each day.

  4. In our home even the mention of Iran is enough to have me ranting. Their government is truly evil.

    I have said prayers for this man and his family. May God watch over them.

  5. Bonjour ami! What a beautiful Blog post I enjoyed reading over at Homestead Revival. Thank you for sharing. Hope you will come over and join my blogs. I’d love to have you stop by and read a bit. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I”m so glad you featured this and SOOOO glad it has had some exposure in the media. There are so many around the world suffering for His name. Can’t wait to see their crowns in heaven…

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