She’s Sew Chic: Prairie Style Couture.

Aug 2, 2010 | Beauty and Style | 26 comments

We are on our second round of reading the Little House on the Prairie series in our home  We began our first round when Aidan was 4 (he is now 5), thinking, maybe he would like it.  Little did we know the pioneer life would completely capture his imagination at such a young age.  When we finished reading all nine books he insisted that we start all over the next day.
Farmer Boy is my personal favorite and if you have not read the books as an adult I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are amazing, inspiring and rather romantic when Laura and Almanzo are courting.
Ma’s ingenuity is very inspiring too.  She did so much with so little.  She was constantly making small dresses out of worn large ones and then curtains out of faded scraps…and she was the inspiration behind these little dresses that I designed for my girls for their “Summer 2010 Collection”… out of an old picnic tablecloth that we never used.
 Red, white and blue cotton with the salvage edge.
Trés chic.
Very Prairie.
It doesn’t hurt that these chickens are beyond words precious!!!!




That pattern is so nice. Elegant, even for a little one.

I love how they match. Not necessary, but so nice as a little touch.



Dresses to toddle in!


  1. Tina

    so, so precious!:) how talented you have become so quickly with turning a needle and thread! i wish skills regarding sewing came that naturally for me, too:)

  2. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese

    Those are the cutest photos of the cutest kids! Those photos captured a whole lot of personality!

  3. kathi @ traybella

    your children are so beautiful…love the dress too!

  4. Diva

    I am soon to be 46 and I STILL re-read all of Lauras books now and then… 🙂 My favourite is “The long winter”. Thanks for your comment and yes, I do lounge around quite a bit now a days … 🙂

  5. Ex-Pat At Heart

    We read the Little House series when the girls were little and loved them all. Very impressive and creative use of a table cloth. Your kids are adorable.

  6. Lorilee

    The dresses are adorable. Your little ones have the most beautiful eyes!

  7. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Our family also loves LHOTP and my daughter (who is so like Laura in personality) has devoured the books and even my older teens enjoy the dvd series which we are still collecting.
    The dresses are sweet and are really ‘parisienne farmgirl’ – are they for special occasions only? I’m always wary of white/cream fabrics for my girls as they never stay clean for more than 5 minutes – maybe I should consider making them apron smocks like Laura used to wear! Just need to dust off the sewing machine.

  8. chateaudelille

    Such beautiful photos and sweetest faces.Love them!I also like your blog. Just found it and your shop and keen to follow! Fiona

  9. Stacey Merriman

    Ah girl, your “chickens” are just beautiful! those dress are precious. My mother tried to teach me to sew, but quickly gave it up…lol. Wish she had MADE me now!

  10. tina

    OMG..they are so stinkin’ cute!!!
    I cannot WAIT to read ‘LHOTP’ to the grandson…I think he will be able to listen the day he’s born, don’t you? Never too soon to let grandma read to him!?!

  11. Ms. Bake-it

    The dresses you made are adorable. Your little chickens are absolutely precious!

  12. My Yellow House

    Oh My Gosh…I LOVE the tablecloth dresses! They couldn’t be more adorable on your beautiful little ones.

    My sister and I used to play Little House all the time! I think I still have every book memorized…I was Laura and always made my sister be Nellie. 🙂 I really wanted to be Caroline ~

  13. Deanna

    You’re children are precious!!!
    Cute as can be and the litle dresses are sweet.

    I have never read completely through the Little House On The Prairie Books…but I hope to. When I was a Teacher’s Aide/Para way back when…I read some of this series to the Third Graders.

    I thought it was a wonderful series. Was a fan of the television series another way back when!

    Some things just can’t be improved upon,

  14. Deb

    “Tres chic” doesn’t even come close to describing these little dresses…and if you can’t capture the essence in French, there’s no hope of doing so in English! 🙂

    All the models are adorable, too!

  15. SK

    Very, very cute!! Did you use a pattern or just free-hand? I love vintage tablecloths…

  16. Joy

    So cute, and sew cute… love that tongue sticking out. I too love the Little House on the Prarie books.

  17. BonjourRomance

    The dresses are so sweet, but the chickens are so adorable!! They play LHOTP 5 days a week in Paris – hmmm, it does help with my horrid French! Not sure they get Mrs Olsen though!
    Hope things are going well for you and your family. Hope you got my email!
    Now go and enjy those incredible kids!
    Bon soir,

  18. Julie

    Your chickens are sooo cute!

    I still re-read the Little House books quite often. My favorite is “By the Shores of Silver Lake”.

    If you haven’t already been, and ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend the tour of Laura’s and Almanzo’s home in Mansfield, MO. It has been preserved to look pretty much the way it did when Laura died in 1957.

  19. Tamra

    Ok your kids are adorable, but that first picture made me giggle. Seriously, what a sweet little mischievous look. Reminds me of my youngest. She’s 17 but still has that look!

    Cute little prairie clothes too girlie!

  20. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    You have the cutest kids, and the CAN DO attitude that built this country, and like the Ingalls, you have a sense of right and wrong, good for YOU for reading these to your chickens….I did, too.

    I have a Christian friend who reads Harry Potter to her grandkids, but NOT Little House!?!? I told her she’s missing out, to toss Harry out on his ear and put in the Ingalls, and Manly instead….I have been watching for them at garage sales to take to them. It’s a set of American classics that every kid should have read to him more than once!

    LOVE those dresses, and was admiring them in your family reunion pics, do you want me to watch for tablecloths with a print on the salvage for you (suitable for little girls, of course!).
    (Give those kids a kiss from me!)

  21. Preppy Mama

    Oh my goodness those kids are the cutest!! You are so creative, I never would have even dreamed that up!

  22. Rachel

    Ah, I love those books! In “Farmer Boy” it’s amazing to hear how much the family eats sitting down at a meal together! Of course, I remind myself, they WORKED so hard, they probably needed all of the food-energy they could get.

  23. Chrissy

    Wish you could see the instant smile on my face right now,they are sooooooooooo lovely!!!

  24. Draffin Bears

    It was great to discover your beautiful blog.
    Your children are very precious and sweet and the new dress pretty.

    Happy week

  25. Molly @ Star Cottage

    How precious! I love the dresses. Your girls wear them very well 😉
    We have read the Little House books with our girls also. And we have the complete tv series on dvd. It’s a family favorite.



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