We are on our second round of reading the Little House on the Prairie series in our home  We began our first round when Aidan was 4 (he is now 5), thinking, maybe he would like it.  Little did we know the pioneer life would completely capture his imagination at such a young age.  When we finished reading all nine books he insisted that we start all over the next day.
Farmer Boy is my personal favorite and if you have not read the books as an adult I HIGHLY recommend them.  They are amazing, inspiring and rather romantic when Laura and Almanzo are courting.
Ma’s ingenuity is very inspiring too.  She did so much with so little.  She was constantly making small dresses out of worn large ones and then curtains out of faded scraps…and she was the inspiration behind these little dresses that I designed for my girls for their “Summer 2010 Collection”… out of an old picnic tablecloth that we never used.
 Red, white and blue cotton with the salvage edge.
Trés chic.
Very Prairie.
It doesn’t hurt that these chickens are beyond words precious!!!!




That pattern is so nice. Elegant, even for a little one.

I love how they match. Not necessary, but so nice as a little touch.



Dresses to toddle in!