50 to 45!

Finally the elitist, “we know better than you” crowd has been put in their place by the American People! AMAZING!!!

Finally the American people screamed so loud that Washington had to listen…that’s right guys, no matter how much your big business will improve by cheap labor, no matter how many votes you think you will get by acting like you are a friend to the immigrant – the American people want nothing to do with your plans!

We don’t want to press #1 for English, we don’t want people that can’t read driving on our roads, we don’t want El Salvadorian gang members assimilated into our society, we don’t want TB (let alone the other diseases on the rise on account of immigration!)…

Here’s a clue Washington! We want our borders enforced! Here is a clue Mr. President – all the laws are on the books ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ENFORCE THEM!

Do not be fooled my friends, you can be compassionate AND stand up for this nations borders, language and culture! Maybe this will be the beginning of Washington listening to us – doubt it, but we’ll see.

Lady Liberty still wants your tired…she justs wants to know who they are.