It has been a crazy 9 days but I have been itching to get this post up and finally have a moment to do it!

Most know I LOVE LAURA INGRAHAM! I listen to her almost every morning and when I forget, Aidan reminds me to turn on “dot com” as he calls it. Her most recent book Power to the People is a must read for ALL — Red State, Blue State, Tree Huggers, Baby Huggers. Especially those in Christian families who care about the country we will be leaving for future generations.

Well, as you can see, she came to Chicago and being a former radio station employee, not only did I get us hooked up with free tickets we also got put in the front row at the “big wig” table we were told (we sat next to the guy that is going to run against and hopefully beat Dick the dork Durbin!).

I got my copy of Power to the People signed and snagged a quick (much discouraged by the staff due to the amount of people) photograph. Hey – the lady in front of me did it! When I asked, “Laura, can I get a quick photograph?” She snapped, “Hurry Up!” like only Laura can. My feelings weren’t hurt though – she is a major hero to me and had only had two hours of sleep after her tour stop in Indy the night before.

So, what is next on your list? Click on the photo, like NOW to buy this book!

What’s next for me? Well, I’ve met the Princess, I’ve met Laura,

Oh JUUUUUUNNNIOOOORRRRR!!!!!! I’m coming for you!