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My silly attempt to “hook” two photographs together.

Our Potager is coming along. 
 So much better than last year, though I sadly still wonder if I will ever be able to harvest more than three pea pods.  
A new batch of bunnies has been born among the perennials and it seems that every night they are feasting on my glorious, storybook purple cabbages.
“This means war!”
But there are 18 jalapeno plants flourishing, leeks, a sad amount of onions, broccoli, poblano peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers both lemon and for pickling, lettuces, rhubarbs, strawberries, more basil than you can imagine, cabbage and purple and yellow pole beans.
250 steps away in a generous neighbors yard I am growing watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, sweet corn, onions, bush beans and carrots… which reminds me… I’d better get over there and check on it.  Perhaps I should take some pictures of it too… lest it feel left out.
It’s all so beautiful and yet it’s still not enough.  For I am never satisfied with what we grow… I don’t want to grow forty onions… I want to grow four hundred
I know there is a farm out there for me somewhere.  
It’s the first of July. (almost)
How does your garden grow?