The Potager…

Jun 30, 2010 | Gardening | 16 comments

My silly attempt to “hook” two photographs together.

Our Potager is coming along. 
 So much better than last year, though I sadly still wonder if I will ever be able to harvest more than three pea pods.  
A new batch of bunnies has been born among the perennials and it seems that every night they are feasting on my glorious, storybook purple cabbages.
“This means war!”
But there are 18 jalapeno plants flourishing, leeks, a sad amount of onions, broccoli, poblano peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers both lemon and for pickling, lettuces, rhubarbs, strawberries, more basil than you can imagine, cabbage and purple and yellow pole beans.
250 steps away in a generous neighbors yard I am growing watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, sweet corn, onions, bush beans and carrots… which reminds me… I’d better get over there and check on it.  Perhaps I should take some pictures of it too… lest it feel left out.
It’s all so beautiful and yet it’s still not enough.  For I am never satisfied with what we grow… I don’t want to grow forty onions… I want to grow four hundred
I know there is a farm out there for me somewhere.  
It’s the first of July. (almost)
How does your garden grow?


  1. Lisa @ Another Day Today


    It started out with such promise, but I’ve managed 1 measly jalapeno, 4 pea pods, and no beans or tomatoes. I *may* get lucky with the one surviving bell pepper, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I think it’s just too stinkin’ hot here, and I may have selected an area that gets too much sun.

    Ah well…if at first you don’t succeed – go to the farmer’s market and try again next year.

  2. Jenny

    Should I call you Farmgirl “McGregor”. Your potager may be having Benjamin bunny troubles but how about an outdoor cat? Also your garden is gorgeous and just the images are relaxing I can only imagine how peaceful it is in person. Happy summer

  3. sharon

    What pretty colours in your picture, I’m like you though – NEVER satisfied with my garden


  4. Buttonchief7

    Our area is having too much rain! Water grass everywhere, japanese beetles eating things and too many baseball games to catch with the grandson so the garden suffers. But high school boys grow up too quickly and are soon gone.

  5. My Yellow House

    I say you did a good job with the picture…I didn’t even notice that there were two together!
    Compared to my garden, yours looks fabulous. Rain everyday is not helping-I think my veggies are swimming in the dirt!
    Thank goodness for the farmer’s market! I keep putting on my gardening apron everyday though.
    I just want some tomatoes as I refuse to pay the grocery store price for them!
    Good Luck with yours ~

  6. myletterstoemily

    it’s funny how farmer macgregor appears
    so much more sensible when one has
    bunnies in one’s own garden. 🙂

  7. Ann at eightacresofeden

    It is usually feast or famine here when it comes to veggies. We live in a region where you can grow just about anything but my enemy is a funny looking creature called a bandicoot (native and protected together with the possums and bats that raid the fruit trees) I would love a potager but the bandicoot would think it an open invitation to come and party. Hence I have tall raised beds made from corrugated iron sides and netting over the salad bed – not pretty I know but these gardens are meant to feed us!
    I have just put up a few pictures of my garden. I am now giving away mandarins!

  8. Selina

    Your garden is gorgous!! How kind of someone to let you use their garden as well.
    At the moment my garden is being attacked by something that eats leaves. My lettuces, silverbeet and potato’s are now stalks. I have only managed to harvest some snowpea’s so far, as well as herbs (it’s winter here).
    Thanks for your lovely blog,

  9. Faith

    One day you will be blessed with the Farm of your dreams my dear friend. Your garden is amazing!!

  10. Tamra

    I haven’t had a garden in 3 years. I miss it so much. With the barn signed off we can begin to focus on the little yet important things like our potager.

    Thank you for such lovely pictures and inspiration. Since I don’t have mine I feel better when I look at yours.


    The Gilded Barn

  11. Deanna

    Hello from Kansas! May you have a super 4th of July.

    I don’t have a garden this year…oops…wish I could say I did, but can’t.

    Your Potager is lovely and it looks like you have a fantastic green thumb.

    These fresh produce always taste extra good coming from the garden. Happy eating!

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  12. Tracey

    I love your potager Angela! Wonderful! I’m impressed you can get it to look that good with a little baby and two others to keep track of as well :)…what’s my excuse for having such a sad looking garden this year??!!

    Have a great 4th of July!!!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  13. Pam

    Your garden is not only functional – it’s beautiful as well! Mine is strictly functional, although I have plans to turn my smaller ‘kitchen bed’ into a very pretty ‘herb garden’ next year. Our garden is doing marvelously despite the torrential rain we’ve had this year. I canned 22 quarts of green beans Monday from my very first picking. :0)

    I’m curious as to what you do with all of your jalepenos? I have 4 plants that fruit profusely and supply me with enough peppers to make all the salsa we need (and we can go through salsa) and still have enough to dry. I love reading your blog and hearing about all of your adventures. Maybe you could do a post to share what you do with all of your veggies. Your French baguette recipe is my family’s favorite!

    And to Butotnchief7 – we had a horrible problem with Japanese beetles until we discovered Milky Spore. It’s natural, safe, and one application lasts from 3-5 years.

  14. ezri jane

    Oh how I love your garden! And I would dearly love to have something so beautiful in my yard… unfortunately with two cats and two small people, it’s nearly impossible… this year our vege did not go so well – we lost our tomatoes and have since lost our bell peppers (it’s winter here), our zucchini is struggling but the peas seem to be holding their own.


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