Oh my goodness.

Where has four weeks gone!

I have SO MANY video clips and photos to share and I am behind, behind, behind.

Well, that happens with exploding cats.  One gets behind with her hobbies.

So forgive me.  I’m delayed and thus for a few weeks while I get caught up my posts will seem outdated.  As in today where I am again talking about lilacs.

But really – let’s talk about bouquets.

Once I heard this hysterical song “If you can’t bring me flowers when I’m living then please don’t bring flowers to my grave”.  Or something like that.  We heard it the last (and LAST) time we drove to Florida ten years ago on a little bluegrass station.  Well, I tell you what, if you want to make me happy just bring me bunches of flowers and let me arrange them for myself.  I am über picky about my floral arrangements.  It’s a flaw of mine… really.  There are lots of flowers that I just plain hate.  Like crysanthemums or however you spell them.  Ick.  Anyways, how French of me as that is a flower you bring the dead in France.  NOT the living.

And Maggie the Cat is alive!

Recently, I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of bring three lovely ladies very near and dear to me flowers.

A la parisienne.

In Paris the flower stores are abundant and there is even an outdoor flower market… If I remember correctly it’s near the Metro stop la Cité.  Buckets of flowers spill out of the charming little flower boutiques and the arrangements are nothing short of spectacular.  ProFlowers they are not.  There was a flower shop near my apartment (Maubert/Mutualité) and they made it a point to sprinkle rose petals on the side walk to attract customers and please the passers by.

Oh my heaven.  They pleased.

For my gift bouquets I chose spray roses.  Because you can’t go wrong with spray roses and if you look closely you can find them in almost any grocery store.  I also gathered lilacs from the farm.  I took Aldi shopping bags and cut three squares and then scrunched them up to give the brown bag some additional texture.  I then turned the bag on an angle (so the point was at the top of my bouquet) and placed the flowers inside tying them with twine.


Sooooooooooo excited.  My French tutor is in England and France for June and he is bringing me Yorkshire and Paris newspapers to wrap my summer bouquets in!!!!

I have a large cutting garden out by my bee hives and I look forward to many bouquets from this summer’s Potager.


A mon avis… in my (not so humble) opinion a French style bouquet does not need to be an abundant, obscene spray of flowers.

-It can be simple

-It can be plenty (I love ONE type of flower in larger arrangements)

-It does well with some structure.  IE: Pussywillows, twigs, berried branches

-It’s never wrapped in grocery store celophane

-It does not resemble anything on the ProFlowers website (Yes, call me a flower snob.)



The arranger should receive as much pleasure as the receiver.  And that’s the thing about flowers-n-me.  Stop by Costco and pick up a couple bunches and bring them home and save “Have at it baby!”  (As long as they’re not red roses.  I’m sorry.  But I draw the line at red roses.)   Arranging flowers is one of life’s joys for me.  Beautiful soundtracks (like the Marie Antoinette soundtrack) play in my mind and holding the stems and making them “just so” seriously transports me to a world of no stress and pure beauty.  Forgive me laying it on thick, but really.  Arranging flowers in cathartic and a total expression of love for me.


Were you my neighbor, why I just might bring some over to you.


Parisienne Farmgirl

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