Potager week 2

Today it’s short, sweet and cold.

Like… freezing.

Like the tarp that goes under our pool is covering my precious strawberries, the rosemary are draped in beach towels, the leeks covered by vintage tablecloths and I am just plain saying a prayer for all the lavender.

The vet came today and geesh.  I thought I molested my goats.  The poor things.  And he STILL couldn’t tell if they were pregnant or not.  My little buck was bottle fed (read: annoying) and he said since he acted more like a little dog the first few months that it might have taken him awhile to realize “who he is”.  A sexually confused buck.  HA!  I’ve seen him go after those girls a time or two so I know he has it in him.  I just want baby goats.  I just want baby goats.  I just want baby goats.

The bees come this weekend.  Oh my goodness.  I shall be a keeper of bees.  I can’t even put into words how amazing I think this is so I won’t even attempt it this week.  I’ll wait to till next week when I have interacted with them and actually have a story to tell.

In the meantime here is my promised update.  I appreciate your enthusiasm about this series.  Why does YouTube always have to freeze on the most unattractive facial expression?



Thanks for following and stay warm.

Parisienne Farmgirl