“A Potager is where form meets function.  
Where nutrition meets the aesthetic.”
-Parisienne Farmgirl
…It’s where your morning glories can intertwine with your pole beans, where your lettuce can grow in fanciful shapes and patterns… it’s where you can pick a handful of snapdragons to throw atop a fresh salad… just enough color to WOW a girlfriend over lunch.
Poe-tah-jay (soft, French “J”)
I know someone who says “Pot-age-ger”  
I almost die every time she says it 🙂
I have had a Potager for almost six years now.  It started with a poorly shaped circle of grass in our yard that sloped, surrounded by weed infested flowerbeds/garden… I hated to mow it… so one day… like a complete NUT I began to dig it out… I mean serious excavation here girls.  Up to three feet deep in some places.  Finally after a couple weeks, I could see that I was NEVER going to get it done all by myself with a newborn laying on the blanket beside me so a friend of mine and I swapped.  I faux finished her kitchen cabs and her hubby (a landscaper) and a laborer came over the next week and helped me work.  Her husband joked that I worked harder than his guy – yer darn tootin’!
I love to work.
I think he thought I was insane as I showed him my newly defined circle and tried to explain the pie shapes I would be making… raised rock beds… He was pretty concerned about resale value… resale, shmeesale.  The woman who buys this house from me someday is going to have to be a Parisienne Farmgirl at heart… hopefully she’ll be thrilled most of the work has been done for her.
I think I screamed with glee at the first fresh salad… maybe even shed a tear at the first batch of crispy steamed green beans.  I went from someone who thought growing your own food was weird to someone who now wants a farm!!!
People can change.
Five year later we have expanded and there isn’t a blade of grass to be found in our backyard but my heart still lies in my original Potager.
If you dream of organic food, if you savor a gorgeous tomato or a fresh pile of basil… if your heart has swooned when you made your first trip to a chateau in France and saw those neatly trimmed boxwoods holding in lavender and other herbs… than a Potager, large or small is for you.
Let’s say you know NOTHING about keeping something alive, nothing about Potagers, French Heirloom Vegetables, etc…
Here is recommended reading for this course.
It’s only February – you have time.  These are links to Amazon.com.
Be inspired.  
Savory food & beauty are
 just months away.
The book that started it ALL for me — In the French Kitchen Garden.
Packed with incredible information on pest control, soil amendments and full of recipes and specific information about each vegetable mentioned.
Rosalind Creasy’s The Edible French Garden – This one is supposed to be wonderful and will be showing up in my mailbox very soon.  It has five different potager plans you can use and information on growing over 150 different kinds of edibles!
Stay tuned for the next class!

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