It’s been a glorious busy season and I’ve tried to live it in my potager instead of spending extra time on my computer, but here I am, quite a bit behind in my blogging. Only to be stirred to prompt action by a round of marvellous Midwest weather.

It’s been hot here.

Hot as all get out. Grass browning hot. Pool days hot. (I thank heaven every day for my pool!) But about an hour ago the weather looked like it was going to take a turn for the worse. I did a once over on the potager.  We battened down the hatches and settled in to enjoy a good Midwestern thunderstorm. Only to have hubby look up from his phone and announce that there was one-inch hail spotted in the next town.

Quick Garden Pics from the Potager before the hail

Panic struck me.

You see, in this effort to stay away from my computer I have been LIVING in my garden.

My jardin potager. 

Babying it.

Pulling every weed in site and trying to make it as marvellous as it can be on this little rental farm. Three years ago it was destroyed by hail and the thought of that happening again brought tears to my eyes. So, like any sane person with lightning and thunder rolling in like a freight train, I ran outside with my phone and grabbed a handful of photos as fast as I could before the storm hit. (No time to grab the real camera).

Quick Garden Pics from the Potager before the hail

Thankfully, we got a bit of rain. But storm-wise, as usual, it was much ado about nothing.

Any day now the roses and all the herby, annual colour is going to pop and I’ll be capturing that in proper fashion but for now, I’m loving these cozy, pre-storm photos grabbed with my phone.

Quick Garden Pics from the Potager before the hail

I keep my cutting garden and potatoes well in the back of my potager. It hides the weeds that come much too naturally with annual seeds and the mess that is the constant hilling of potatoes.

And the Thunder Rolls: Enjoying my Potager in this busy season

I’m sure it’s a matter of taste, but I find vegetables that have botled or gone to seed rather lovely.   This flowering arugala pleases my eye every day.

How does your garden grow?

Angela Parisienne Farmgirl - Thank you for reading!