Hi ladies,

I totally forgot to post this quick wrap up last week to the Parisienne Farmgirl Potager 101 Classe!!!  Your feedback has been so exciting, especially since the whole timing thing didn’t go the way I had imagined it would on account of this little one growing inside me!
Grow baby grow!
What I wanted to do was simply inspire you to grow your own food and to make it beautiful and when I visit your blogs and see your raised beds being built and seedlings growing… well, I am thrilled.
Hopefully you learned things that aren’t already all over the internet.  Teaching you how to garden wasn’t my goal, that can take a lifetime (remember, it’s always about next year!)… that’s what all the books and google are for.
I did really want to inspire though.
In this closing post in this Series I want to encourage you to think outside the average garden when you go to sow your seeds and plant your seedlings.  Anything you can do to make it more pleasing to the eye will add to that “Potager” touch.

I found this photo on Rosalind Creasy website – author of the wonderful Edible Gardens series!!!

Decorative shapes of lettuces in different colors… red leaf varieties, bright green heads and spazzy frissées!  Edible flowers mixed with your herbs, zinna’s planted near your rows of carrots – a blast of color among the masses of leafy carrot tops.  Plant your cherry tomatoes by color… red, yellow, red, yellow and zucchinis too!  How about bright blue morning glories with your purple pole beans?

The fun part is right around the corner!
I can’t wait to see everyones Potagers!
Please leave a comment if you would like me to email you for a follow-up post this summer.  I would love to show a photo or two of everyone’s creations and then “Mr. Linky” readers back to your sites so you can tell your own story.   If, due to climate your garden will peak before summer please take photos so you have them ready.Thank you again for humoring me as I
attempted to write about something I love so much!Very soon all the posts will be available on my sidebar for easy reference.

Happy Gardening!
Vive le Potager!

all other photos found by Googling “lettuce designs”