Potager 101 Class 2….

Feb 5, 2011 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Is now scheduled for Sunday p.m. or Monday a.m.

Laptop charger died yesterday in the middle of working on the post… had to go buy a new one.  Sigh.

See you soon!


  1. Chrissy

    Oh I can’t wait! I have looked up the books that you recommended, did you get The Edible French Garden book yet? Would you suggest get both of the top 2 or do like one over the other for a beginner.
    Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to try this. Although it is still winter here, won’t be able to start until late March, it will make good reading. Plus, I can get my husband “primed” for spring 🙂

  2. Theanne...

    Computers and peripherals are always great till they aren’t! Happy not more serious!

  3. Lana K. W. Austin


    Seriously! I just found your blog and am so blessed by its enthralling content!!

    You crack me up as well as inspire!

    I’m going to thoroughly enjoy reading through all of your back posts!!!

    We have much in common!

    My blog is relatively new (I started in late 2009 but hardly had time to blog, so I was sporadic in posting until recently.

    I’m a writer/musician (though I homeschool and only do things part-time now with the 3 little ones being my main focus–well, God of course is my main focus, but you know what I mean) so the whole blogging format sets my soul on fire.

    Oh, and next week we’re moving to Italy for a about a year!

    I can’t wait to blog from there!

    Many hugs/blessings to you,


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