Forgotten (maybe) but not Gone!

Apr 2, 2007 | Full Time Family, Gardening, Views into my Day | 7 comments

Sorry all, the garden was calling. Every spare moment I have had in the last two weeks has been spent outside (thankfully).
Spring seems for the most part to have arrived. My nasty winter blues are now pale shades of pink as I wait with great anticipation for the hundreds of tulips to bloom that I planted last year. Sadly, the hundreds of crocuses that I planted did not survive – I think 3 bloomed. I waited all winter, telling everyone about the mini bulbs that I have planted throughout my yard. Perhaps they were not planted deep enough and the cold was just too much for them – I don’t think it was those horrible rodent squirrels (who bring Aidan so much joy) because like a good gardener I planted garlic in each grouping…next year I will try Cayenne pepper. My grape hyacinth are coming up throughout the back yard though, so perhaps the crocuses were simply duds.
It has been so long I will give a brief update and since a lot of my readers are out of state friends and this is my primary source of communication let us pretend you just asked, “What’s new with you?” and since this is my blog I will not simply say, “Nothing, how are you guys doing?” but instead I will give you a brief rundown of what else I have been doing instead of blogging….

-I made some changes to my living room. The sun is shining so I cleared off all the junk on my chandelier making it light and airy, I also moved some things around on the sun porch – just want the first floor to feel less cluttered and more clean lately.

-I weeded 8 yard barge bags of crap out of my gardens and I removed every border stone on my flagstone patio, cleaned underneath it and put it back, then I wire brushed all the flagstone – kind of like scrubbing your kitchen floor. It looks great.

-Put the fountain back together.

-Designed two knot gardens. One which will cost a fortune one which may be implemented this year in my snapdragon bed.

-I have been working out like a maniac. Whatever is on the horizon , a summer pregnancy or not, I still will have to get in a bathing suit in about 9 weeks. Yikes.

-I had a wonderful visit to the farm with Aidan, Mom and Aunt Julee, they have all blogged about it so far. We will all be heading back soon to work and have fun. My fun will be planting the garden that Gram has let me design – it is going to be out of this (cottage) world.

-I have fallen in love with a new program (Nic actually bought me the DVD’s) “EXTRAS.” It is so funny – there are no words. Love that BBC humor.

-We have found a church. Thankfully. The pastor and his wife came over for dinner a few weeks ago and we got to go over a list of what were looking for in a church! HELLO? After a couple decades of mega churches this is a really big deal to us. We even served together as a family last Saturday morning and it was amazing. Our hearts were thankful and we actually felt as though our presence made a difference. I will be auditioning for the worship team in the next few weeks. Can not wait to serve God with song again!

-Mom came over the other day and we intensely put our heads together drawing out tents, dance floors and table placement options for the nuptials of my beloved brother and his beloved Victoria.

-I am considering cutting my hair. Time will tell.

-Aidan is beyond amazing. He is so fricken‘ smart – I could bore you with 40 paragraphs. We may go take a Mom and Tot French lesson this morning in our consideration of taking classes together once a week. Let the homeschooling begin.

That’s it in a nut shell. I promise to be more faithful and I know I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone else’s posts…it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I should have the time!


  1. Faith

    Worth the wait- but drives me crazy everytime I check and there’s no new post :):). Sounds like alot of work(the garden). I can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory when I visit this summer. Yes, I really am planning to. Just me and the boys for a few days. Let’s make plans. I can’t wait to get my hands on babycakes and just hang out with you guys. Love you!!!!

  2. hellomelissa

    wish my garden called to me. instead it just sits there looking like crap.

  3. Farmgirl Cyn

    Not so sure I want to put my fountains together with what the weatherman is predicting for this week! But, the garden is calling my name, so I dutifully go out for a couple hours at a time and clear the courtyard beds. Which has given the hens much to be thankful for, as they are in hen heaven with all the newly exposed earth to scratch and peck at!

  4. cityfarmer

    The wind is howling here like little house on the prarie…my tooosties are cold again….I cut my hair….thougths of snaps make me….going for the “cottage organized disarray look…hollyhocks are all up about an inch….hail brought the tulips down a notch….trying to stay caught up with being a daughter of the king, grandma…MOTG…hostess…designer..painter…and mothering the ebaby

    see ya tomorrow

  5. Gypsy Purple

    Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

  6. Faith

    Did you get my email about our visit?


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