style="text-align: center;">Politics. I mean, honestly.
Is this politics? This talk about this messed-up priorities?
I am watching the Dem Convention…
If I hear anyone else whine about the right to abort… and then the next speaker down the line has the gall to say that being concerned about the levels of the ocean is something from the Scriptures …
(Ahem, Caroline Kennedy and John Kerry. Where are your priorities? How can you think this way?)
I just can’t stand it. I can’t take it anymore.
“Save the Whales, Kill the Babies.”
That is what it comes off as to me. That’s what the message looks like to this mama.
Is this politics? I have to wonder.
Of course, The Bible says to be a good steward of the earth… but what do you think God is more concerned about… Babies, made in His image being torn apart or killed upon delivery, stabbed in the neck with scissors??? (partial birth abortion) or the glaciers melting?  (Like they did so many years ago before anyone ever heard of the word “emissions”….)
Just sayin.’ Politics amaze me sometimes. I would rather spend time focusing on more beautiful things.