A ten inch, down syndrome, 22 week old baby boy has just been aborted. Somehow he has survived the abortion and now is being taken to the soiled linen closet to die alone. His parents don’t want to hold him. The nurses are too busy…

Now imagine you are a senator with the power to be a part of passing legislation that would require that this helpless little boy be provided medical attention. But imagine you as a senator would rather that this darling angel be denied medical attention and should instead die – just as the abortionist intended.

Now imagine yourself present when Jesus reprimanded his disciples for shooing the children away. Imagine the fallen sparrow that God says he cares about.

Now imagine voting for Barack Obama.

If you can’t…Hallelujah.

If you can…start all over again and imagine a helpless baby boy dying in a soiled linen closet.

This is not some far fetched dramatic blog by someone passionate about unborn children. I worked at the radio station that played a big role in exposing the horrors of “Christ Hospital.”
I met the women who held dying babies when no one else would. I’ve ranted about this before…See here.

There are tons of reasons Barack and his Utopian blather makes me sick but my God, what is sicker than
being outraged by denying help to a dying baby. As human beings the thought of a baby dying helplessly should bring tears to our eyes, if you are a Christian you are called to remember and take care of “The least of these.”

Start with first things first.
There is more to today’s issues, there is more than global warming, carbon footprints (that expression alone makes me laugh), there is more than Iraq and “corporate greed”. First and foremost is the respect for life. I can not think of any more “least” than an aborted baby.
There is more to leadership than stories of “hope” and “peace” – there was no hope for that baby boy so how could he offer hope to you and I?

Additional info-
If you’re all bent out of shape that I am picking on Barack. Don’t worry, each candidate will get their turn but sorry – I’m gonna pick on him the most.

A few months back Dr. Dobson interviewed the former head of the largest abortion clinic in the country. He oversaw 75,000 abortions. Performed 5,000 including his own child. This video changed his mind, once seeing it he never performed another abortion…Please be forewarned this is pretty horrible but proves the pain and horrors inflicted on the “fetus”
Click here.

I am also compelled to say since some think me “judgemental” when I rant that I do not hate women who have had abortions. Nor does God. And whether or not they are sad for themselves or regretful, I am. My heart aches for them. The Lord is a forgiving God and is waiting with open arms. His mercies are new every morning.