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Aug 14, 2006 | Full Time Family | 3 comments

Well, we had a fantastic time the other night! An impromptu and al fresco dinner with our “babysitters” Aunt Ruth and Uncle Dave and then a Milonga (Tango Dance) in Chicago at the Tango Insitute of Chicago. How surpirsed we were to find it in a completely industrial neighborhood. We were told to look for a red door and upon finding it we were buzzed into a building well over 100 years old. After 3 huge flights of stairs, sideways glances thinking, “Can this be the right place?” and two long hallways we found ourselves on a highly polished wood floor (as old as the building), with Tango in the air and a panoramic view of the city. We diffinately have the bug and our instructors tell us that in a year we will be better then they are after two years of dancing. THAT is quite a compliment and I only hope they are right.
We were home by 2am and up at 5:30 with Aidan. (We spent the night in Aunt Ruth’s lovely guest bedroom.) Needless to say Sunday was LOW KEY. We had high hopes for Junior at The Glen but I walked away to the computer and when I came back he had gone from 8th to 35th…What??? I still do not know what happened. He finished 23rd (I think) and is still safe for the “Race to the Chase” in 10th position over all. Next week is Michigan (for Junior and us) and we think he’ll do very well there!
Joel gave me a wonderful present…he scoured all my pots and pans last night. If there wasn’t already a Saint Joel I would petition the Pope. I hate cleaning my skillets.
The roses are from Joel and the photo is us on our way to the Milonga. We are counting down to cousin Ben’s wedding and what should be a fun road trip with Nic and Vic. Besides that, after giving a bid in an hour I have a nice open week, (it probably wont stay that way) but I hope to finally spend some time in my garden and read some of the books Aidan and I got at the library the other day. Stay tuned…


  1. Amanda

    Looks and sounds like a great time! Congrats again on 11 years~! Way to go!

  2. Faith

    You guys look amazing…what a gorgeous picture. Congradulations on another wonderful and blessed year of marriage. I love you guys.

  3. cityfarmer

    Family memories ahead. . .just down the road apiece at the W. wedding. Missin you.


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