Photo Update…sort of…

Feb 1, 2008 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 3 comments

15 days old – first bath with Mom and brother Aidan
My angels!!! 2.5 years & 17 days.

Ok – so I am WAYYYYYY behind in keeping all updated on my darling Dauphine (one of her many knicknames) but here are two photographs to hold you over until I download the 900 photos that are on my digital camera card. Video will come too as soon as I get a new fire wire – hopefully this weekend…I have so many photos and hours of video and soooooo many editing ideas…alas, so little time.


  1. HomemakerAng

    SHE IS FAT and I LOVE IT! all that momma milk! beautiful! A looks pleased as punch with his little sister! BTW my milk is doing better 🙂

  2. Faith

    They are so beautiful. She looks like mommy. Thanks for the “tidbit”, I was going crazy everytime I checked it (which is everyday) and nothing. I can’t wait to hear more. Love you.


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