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Parisienne Farmgirl
Philosophies is a much more chic word than ‘opinions’, don’t you agree? My ‘philosophies’ have been with me for so long. Raised in a home where we went to antique shops after church on Sundays. Raised on Princess Diana and spectator pumps and summers on my Grandparents’ farm, it is not too difficult to see how I could become rather set in my ways. I have to imagine that’s rather refreshing in a world that is constantly bending to the latest rage; I’ll simply be over here in my garden, with my red lips-ripping out some perfectly good part of my home so I can replace it with something old-drooling over a new gorgeous pair of shoes whilst cleaning the garden dirt out from under my fingernails. That’s pretty much a snapshot. Beautiful Old World design. Keeping it feminine. Loving motherhood and constantly growing something. Select the Philosophy of your choice and for a collection of articles on Design, Gardening, Femininity, and Motherhood.
Gardener’s Creative Block

Gardener’s Creative Block

 Gardener's Creative Block - it's a thing and until recently, I've had a pretty mean case of it. I've been in a bit of a panic the last few years. Every time I look out my window, I take in the beauty we've created in the last few years and I'm grateful, but...

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