style="text-align: center;">It’s a good thing that pictures speak a thousand words… cause I am plum tuckered out… or should I say…
Je suis trés, trés fatigué!!!!
I know the rest of the world is watching LOST right now but hubby works late and we watch it on Hulu since we don’t do the T.V. thang. But tonight, waiting is a drag! I want to know!!!
But, here goes… a couple thousand words… my feet are propped up.
Gotta recoup fast.
Got a garden to tend.
What I did for four days straight.
I’ve never whipped so many egg whites… but I took such pleasure in seeing so many people enjoy a macaron for the first time in their lives.
Gramma and Baby J… right before the barn doors opened.
Well, what do you think? Is it what you expected?
So much creativity from Jen, Joy, Victoria and Anne. Just lovely!
Jen in her vintage gown and new pixie cut. I love this photo.
And me in my gown and cowboy boots.
Yes, the dress is purple but after two more bottles of black it came out a nice dark purple…
trés aubergine.
The hay bedroom complete with chandelier (still available), trumeau and Scottish linens.
Angela -n- Anne. We seem to have this inability to take a normal photograph. We get giddy when we are around each other. Sophomoric, I know.
Her dress was SO AWESOME!!!!! She was regal. Queen of the farm!
Ever seen a French Patisserie in a horse barn?
How about those macaron towers???? So festive!
Coffee filter dress á la Antoinette!
Wrappings for Pastries.
Oh, Elizabeth! You are so lovely! Wait ’til I show you my navy blue one!
This shopper knew the drill. You’ve got to wear boots on the farm.
Garden fresh salad for lunch, anyone???
And a macaron for desert!
y new girlfriend Mrs. B. came the farthest… St. Louis!!!
Reine de Saba tarte anyone??
This is my most favorite pic… it does speak a thousand words. Parisian elegance, Lauderée style… at Nada Farm.
See you at the next Petit Flea Market!!!!
Any of my “leftovers” will be posted ON SALE to the Parisienne Farmhouse soon!!!