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My “signature reds”.
I can’t find my beloved, redder than red, “Shine Plastique” Christian Dior lip gloss.  I bought in in Paris almost a decade ago… I don’t care if that sounds totally gross… I love this lipgloss.  It’s like spackle and that is why I still have it after all these years… it only takes a little bit.  The purchase memory is fond for me too… We were at La Samaritaine and I bought a gorgeous rusty, red by Guerlain… we got half way down the river’s edge when I announced it was pretty but had not really been what I was looking for and my DEAR husband said (out of character), “Well, let’s go back and get you what you really want.”   
Don’t ask me what stars were in alignment that day!
I love to wear red lips because I CAN.  They are not for everyone.  (Though I will NEVER forget the first time I tried red, I was 16 and I felt like a clown!)   I love to wear red lips cause they are bold, brave and they harken to Marilyn and Coco.  Thankfully my husband has no objection to my love of red lips.  (I am even more thankful he likes me without makeup too!)
I can tell you the last time I had them… about ten days before Christmas.  Since then I have looked and looked and settled for my not-so-second-favorite tube.  It’s got nothing on my Shine Plastique.
I even got brave, ready to face that the lipgloss may have fallen out in a parking lot or who knows what (not that I have been ANYWHERE!)… sure enough I found it online and it seems to be out of stock… ALL OVER THE WORLD.  It is, after all, a decade old.
I get pretty obsessed when I can’t find something.  Really obsessed.  It haunts me and I have been know to get out of bed in the middle of the night and search just one more time.
If you see a flashlight bopping around thru the windows of the Parisienne Farmhouse around 2 a.m. now you will know why.



  1. Andrea G

    Try ask St. Anthony for help. He’s never let me down and there are stories upon stories from my family members of miraculous appearances of lost items.

    Dear St. Anthony, come around.
    There is something lost that can’t be found!


  2. Yellow

    I love your stuff! I have dreamed of going to Paris for 20 years and will finally see that dream come true in February! My husband and I will be renewing our vows there and embarking on a new adventure…not quite sure what, yet. We are ministers who are waiting for the next chapter of our lives to unfold. I came across your blog and wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. Blessings…

  3. Sweet Life Garden

    You do look beautiful in red! I love reading your posts. They are so funny, fresh, honest and well… delightful!

  4. gretchen

    Check eBay – when a perfume I love was discontinued, I bought up all I could find, even partly filled bottles. But I wouldn’t recommend that with the lip gloss!?!

  5. Ashley DeLen

    Happy hunting!!! A good lip glass or lipstick is worth they hunt!!

  6. Alice

    Well, I won’t tell you what I look like in red lipstick, but you certainly can wear it and look gorgeous! I do hope you can find it somewhere!

  7. Sarah

    I certainly have my own red lipstick days! My favorite colors are from Mac and Chanel . . . Mac’s Dense is a very deep red lipstick, though if I could find it in a gloss it would be better as it does tend to be drying.

    I know how it goes with a favorite color – once you find it you’re heartbroken if they discontinue it! Good luck in your search!


  8. Karyn Bernard (French Charming)

    Hello Gorgeous!

    What an amazing blog you have…I’ve just spent the last hour perusing through it and I’m your newest follower. I too love all things French and I’m quite certain that I was French in a past life. LOL

    You wear red lips well, sadly it’s not as appealing on me. Thank you for the visit and I look forward to visiting you and your beautiful blog!


  9. Jenn @ Spejory

    I agree, you do look beautiful with red lips! Few people can pull that one off. I NEVER wear red–pale lips and smoky eyes for me.

    Reading your lovely blog helps me keep my Paris dream alive.

  10. Lorilee

    Glad you found it! You look gorgeous with red lips. It doesn’t work for me though–pale blonde!

  11. Kalee

    I’m so glad you found it! I know what it’s like to have found the perfect color/product and then lose it!


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