No lovely talks of my garden or Paris today…I need a spout off…this is VERY condensed, each little paragraph has hours of conversation behind it…

Alright – thankfully I don’t really watch much television (until the Amazing Race begins again that is) but I do take in my fair share of talk radio so I am mildly informed and so I have this to say…

ENOUGH OF THE MEL GIBSON STORY ALREADY! But first let me make a few points…Warning…This is a common sense alert…

As a Christian…how embarrassing. But then LET’S BE REAL – he just so happens to be famous and so his sins are made public while the nasty things you and I say about each other remain under our breath and behind closed doors. We all need to work on what we say about other people and the spirit in which we say it.

You and I are hypocrites if we act like Mel Gibson is the ONLY person to have ever said anything racially or culturaly unkind about someone else.

The hypocrisy of the Jewish Community is astounding. Consider this…How much of the media is run by those of the Jewish faith or descent. Now, consider the coverage of what is happening over in Lebanon and Israel right now. So far (and like I said, I am not watching a lot of it) but so far, from what I have seen they are only showing the destruction that Israel is inflicting, not receiving. 99% of the media is pro-anyone-else-but-Israel! The Jewish Community is not however demanding apologies from the media. Just from Mel.

Consider this, in the aftermath of 6 Jewish women being shot by a Muslim last week all you here about is the poor, disturb Muslim man – no one DARES say that he was SO FULL OF HATE that he shot 6 Jewish woman!??!!… Jewish leaders will be teaching classes (IN TEMPLE no less) on “understanding the Koran.” Am I missing something?

Michael Moore’s agent says that Mel should be blacklisted (his agent by the way is a Jew). Um, excuse me, could anyone be more filled with hatred for Israel than Michael Moore? Forgive me for even mentioning his name in my blog.

True, Mel’s comments were off base. I am assuming his comment along the lines of “all the wars in the world being the fault of Jews” is in reference to Communism. Again, this is a ridiculous statement. Carl Marx and his parents were of Jewish decent, not faith. Clearly the man has issues. Who doesn’t.

The media are “selective crusifers.” Say what you want about Christians, they are fair game. Say something about a gay person or make a derogatory comment about a group of people and they will build a cross just for you.

Which brings me full circle. Children are dying, our borders are being invaded, our government is supposedly importing porn to the Middle East to westernize it, crazy dictators forbid colors to be worn and music to be played, Christians are being butchered in the Sudan (you NEVER see those lifeless bodies on TV do you?) and all anyone cares about is Mel Gibson.

It just gets more ridiculous every day.