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Aug 3, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics | 6 comments

No lovely talks of my garden or Paris today…I need a spout off…this is VERY condensed, each little paragraph has hours of conversation behind it…

Alright – thankfully I don’t really watch much television (until the Amazing Race begins again that is) but I do take in my fair share of talk radio so I am mildly informed and so I have this to say…

ENOUGH OF THE MEL GIBSON STORY ALREADY! But first let me make a few points…Warning…This is a common sense alert…

As a Christian…how embarrassing. But then LET’S BE REAL – he just so happens to be famous and so his sins are made public while the nasty things you and I say about each other remain under our breath and behind closed doors. We all need to work on what we say about other people and the spirit in which we say it.

You and I are hypocrites if we act like Mel Gibson is the ONLY person to have ever said anything racially or culturaly unkind about someone else.

The hypocrisy of the Jewish Community is astounding. Consider this…How much of the media is run by those of the Jewish faith or descent. Now, consider the coverage of what is happening over in Lebanon and Israel right now. So far (and like I said, I am not watching a lot of it) but so far, from what I have seen they are only showing the destruction that Israel is inflicting, not receiving. 99% of the media is pro-anyone-else-but-Israel! The Jewish Community is not however demanding apologies from the media. Just from Mel.

Consider this, in the aftermath of 6 Jewish women being shot by a Muslim last week all you here about is the poor, disturb Muslim man – no one DARES say that he was SO FULL OF HATE that he shot 6 Jewish woman!??!!… Jewish leaders will be teaching classes (IN TEMPLE no less) on “understanding the Koran.” Am I missing something?

Michael Moore’s agent says that Mel should be blacklisted (his agent by the way is a Jew). Um, excuse me, could anyone be more filled with hatred for Israel than Michael Moore? Forgive me for even mentioning his name in my blog.

True, Mel’s comments were off base. I am assuming his comment along the lines of “all the wars in the world being the fault of Jews” is in reference to Communism. Again, this is a ridiculous statement. Carl Marx and his parents were of Jewish decent, not faith. Clearly the man has issues. Who doesn’t.

The media are “selective crusifers.” Say what you want about Christians, they are fair game. Say something about a gay person or make a derogatory comment about a group of people and they will build a cross just for you.

Which brings me full circle. Children are dying, our borders are being invaded, our government is supposedly importing porn to the Middle East to westernize it, crazy dictators forbid colors to be worn and music to be played, Christians are being butchered in the Sudan (you NEVER see those lifeless bodies on TV do you?) and all anyone cares about is Mel Gibson.

It just gets more ridiculous every day.


  1. Vintage Wine


    I`m glad I found your blog 🙂 I love your name, it reminds me of how pleasant it is to sit at a cafe in the busy streets of Paris eating croissants and watching all the people go by 🙂

    I`m a fan of Amazing Race too! I`m really annoyed because swedish television just stopped sending it in the middle of the season.

    I don`t know much about the Gibson story but I agree with you.
    It`s very hypocritical! I try to think of the saying To err is human, but to forgive is divine… I think that`s a better way of doing it, rather than judging one person when they themselves are far from flawless.

  2. Life in the 'Burbs

    I watch less tv than you apparently…what did Mel actually say??

  3. teambarrett18

    Sorry Ang I know this will not make you happy but I feel that Mel Gibson (in recent years) has tried to appear as someone who is religiously superior. I have been angry with him since he clearly profited on the death of Jesus Christ and then kept the money for himself. I believe that he could have taken that profit (remember 2 seperate dvd releases with “new” footage) and given the money to ANY charity group. If you ask me his guilt and wealth lead to all of his problems.

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    For clarification, (and I appreciate you disagreeing with me) but we should be clear on our facts before saying that someone is hoarding their money.

    To begin with, he donated 30 million of his own money to make the film. As far as what he did with the profits…I know of two things that are documented…

    Mel Gibson DID donate an amazing $10 Million dollars, splitting it between Cedars Siani Medical Center and Mattel Childrens Hospital in California.

    He also donated $5 million to have a Catholic church built in the Los Angeles area (sorry I do not know the name of the church).

    Mel Gibson was a “giver” following Christ’s command to take care of the widows and the orphans long before and after the success of “The Passion”

    In 2002 he paid for the surgery to separate conjoined twins at UCLA (1.5 million dollars) and recently he has donated an unknown amount of money to build homes for the poor of the Veracruz area of Mexico where he has just wrapped up filming.

    So a few points…
    – We know these numbers simply because he is famous. Think how much he gives anonomously or the amounts that have not made the news.

    -The concern that he “profited” off Christs death, while initianlly sounding valid and tugging at heartstrings does not hold water unless you are ready to accuse every pastor, Christian author, Christian singer, bumper sticker factory, etc, etc of the same thing.

    -We are told (by God, thru the Bible) to part with at least 10% our money, that the love of it is the root of all evil. So your point that money can lead to corruption is valid but again I will remind all that we know about Mel Gibson’s giving because he is famous…heaven forbid someone be able to “Google” (and I wont use my full name here) Angela _____’s or Team Barrett’s charitable donations” on the internet.

    One last tidbit…
    -Saying he “profited on the death of Jesus Christ” evokes pity and a sense of injustice however, there is no pity card, for example, as a HUGE Princess Diana fan the “profiting” off her death makes me want to puke. Yes, I bought the newspapers covering the funeral but I drew the line at dolls, calanders, Christmas ornaments. It was horrible, she did die and she is gone.
    Christ however died and rose again three days later. There is no saddness. We need feel no pity for Him. (Gratidue yes, but pity, no) True, as portrayed in The Passion (and in the Bible for that matter) he did it with a heavy heart but he did it out of love and in doing so conquered death and gave mankind a way back to God. I don’t know how to say that Mel making a profit is dishonorable because I don’t know how to accuse every pastor in the world that their way of making a living is not honorable.

    -As far as Mel coming off “religiously superior”. This perception is a very common occurance in a day and age of “all roads lead to heaven” type thinking. Our culture has believed the lie that “what is right for you is right for you and what is right for me is right for me.”
    What Mel Gibson did took a lot of “you know what’s” getting on TV and proclaiming that there is one way to heaven, and that is thru Christ and that he was going to make a film about it. And I am aware that this opens up an entire new conversation so I will sign off before I fill my comment box up myself. 🙂

    Thanks for reading and commenting on Parisienne Farmgirl. I LOVE dialoging.

  5. teambarrett18

    Wow we have really started something here. I am pretty sure that this discussion could go on for days. Just wanted to clarify a couple of my thoughts. Mr. G did give about 5 million to a catholic church in Malibu. Interestingly enough it his his catholic church. The church is run out of his production studio and he and his wife are listed as the directors. It has an unlisted phone number and worshipers are aloud by invite only. I guess I just resent the marketing machine behind the movie (profiting of death)The movie was marketed in such a way ( at least in GR) that if you didnt attend you were somehow less of a Christian. I just resent Hollywood’s interpretation of religion.
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Keep blogging!

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    You’re right – we could go on and on…it’s so fun…but kind of strange with someone you havent talked to in 15 years:)

    I did hear that about his church. It doesn’t bother me that it went to “his” church – most church goers direct money to “their” church. I suppose if I were Mel Gibson and women were sling-shotting their panties at me I would want to go to an “invite only” church too! Can you imagine the mayhem if women knew they could go to mass and drink out of the same cup as Mel? Yikes. No wonder the number is unlisted.
    I’m kidding of course. I do think he has a VERY religious, very strict Catholic thing going on over there and that probably has a little to do with it being on the low-down.

    But I will go back to the “profiting from death” thing again (cause I can’t resist) – it seems to me that if you follow this line of thinking the the ‘enth degree then no movie should be made or promoted if the real life character actually suffered and died in some way.
    Example –
    Did JFK Junior see any of the profits from the film made about his fathers assasination?
    Did the poor of Argentina make any money off Madonnas portrayal of their beloved Evita?
    Bowling for Columbine?
    Shindlers List?

    I could go on and on…

    I thought the film was powerful and deffinately smacked me in the face with what Christ did for me. I got irritated with those who critized it without seeing it.
    However, if people (Christians) used it as a tool to judge those who didnt want to see it they should let up. It’s not the second gospel for Pete’s sake.


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