Eat Like a Parisienne Work Out Like an American Part IV – The END! A Flashback Series with Updates.

Sep 20, 2014 | Health and Beauty | 1 comment

POST SCRIPT – This is the final installment of my flashback posts for this series.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I hope you find yourself enjoying food more and motivated to stay (or get) fit and healthy.    This post contains affiliate links.  At the bottom I have image links of all my secret weapons that I have mentioned throughout this series.


It was never my intention to drag this series out…

but life does go on and mine has been very busy.
Not feeling my best the last couple weeks… and for our big sale I made and boxed over 600 macarons.
Today I don’t care if I ever see another one again!
Been working out?
Been eating well?
Thank goodness it’s Monday (oops, now Wednesday) – I love new beginnings.
Now we all have our own story to tell…
the reasons we do or do not work out.
The excuses, contrived or legitimate.
But since we don’t live like our great grandparents, since we have a more leisurely life than any generation before us we’ve got to keep moving.

Here’s my over-worded workout bio…
 I mentioned before I have worked out for the last eighteen years.  In high school I was so out of shape (even as a cheerleader!) I couldn’t run a mile without my lungs feeling like they were on fire!  But soon after graduating I realized things were going to go downhill fast if I didn’t stay in shape so I began doing step aerobics (which I LOVED!) and using small weights to tone my arms.  Soon after getting married I continued with my steppin’ at the local women’s gym and added weight machines.  I never got “buff” or anything but was able to maintain my weight pretty well.  Then a few years later I REALLY got into it thanks to some very fit friends –  I began running and soon got addicted.  Within 4 months I was up to 4 miles a day and with no kids and only a part time job I added roller blading and swimming to my routine.  Crazy!  I would run to the pool, swim a mile and then run home.  Then I got a “Total Gym” – you know, the old Chuck Norris/Christy Brinkely infomercial from days gone by.  Now that thing ROCKS!  It’s fun and within five months I had serious biceps, tri’s, strong abs and legs… it was awesome.  My work out schedule was decedent and self absorbed – I was working out two hours a day between the running, swimming and weights.   
Enter baby #1:
I worked out thru month seven with my first pregnancy (as sick as I was) and still packed on 42 pounds.  Six weeks after he was born I threw him in the stroller and we were off!  The weight MELTED off – I remember looking down in the shower at the newly emerging bones of my feet thinking, “Damn!  Those are sexy feet!”  
Baby #2
With baby number two I had gained some of that weight back (about 8 pounds) and was the heaviest I had ever been not pregnant so again, the minute she was six weeks old I threw together a playlist of pumping music, grabbed my old step from the basement  and did step aerobics in my bedroom while Aidan rode his plastic train up and down the hallway.  I can still remember my baby blubber belly in the mirror (you know how it’s all squishy and weird after you give birth?!) hanging over my low cut shorts thinking – this is it.  It’s never going away.  But that was February and by August I had lost fifty pounds and felt great.  I never gave up and often in the afternoon, once the weather was warm I would throw them in the stroller and hit the only hill in our area… I would chug up that hill and back down, ten times in a row, squeezing my a$$ the entire time, holding that belly in… believing it was going to make a difference.  Working out with two kids was worlds away from those days where I would run to the pool, swim and run home… When baby girl would cry I would do my step routine holding her (and you remember what a giant chunk she was – that was no easy feat!).  I never gave up.
Baby #3 
With baby number three I again gained a good amount, only 38 that time but instead of three months – it took seven to shed… yikes… I was getting older.  This was hard!  My wonderful mornings of walking were over – My oldest was too young to ride a bike and I didn’t have a triple stroller – So I went back to step aerobics – one day I would do my routine with arms weights (small dumbbells) and the next day I would focus on the tush and legs.  I missed running so much but it was pretty clear after baby number one that aside from some sort of “pelvic floor miracle” it’d be better for me to keep up my long strides power walks and other forms of exercise.  I do miss pounding the pavement and envy my running girlfriends… I really would like to do a small triathlon someday… hopefully I can pick running up again…
With this last baby I gained the most ever – 50 pounds.  He is now 8 months old and I have only lost 48 of the pounds for my heart hasn’t been in it the entire time.  But I am on a streak now with the great weather – it’s time for baby showers, weddings, band in the park night… I can’t hide in gardening clothes all summer!
My workout of choice thanks to my cousin who inspired me a couple years ago is Turbo Jam
In a word – I’m addicted.  I’ve been doing it super faithfully since January and you’ve got to know – it works.  My figure is really changing and it makes all the work worth it.  These days I don’t have time to lift weights, do ab work AND cardio but with Turbo I get all three.  My favorite DVD is Cardio Party III.  The music ROCKS which is VERY important to me.  I’ve about maxed it out though, now using leg and arm weights and adjusting the routine to accommodate my super strong heart and lungs.  I am ready to upgrade to Turbo FIRE
(Update 2014: I have since had baby #5.  Gained 50 lbs.  It took 51 weeks to get rid of it.  I used T.F. again as my workouts with the occasional, and I mean occasional run.)
Working out works.
Dieting sucks – I don’t recommend it.
But if you simply enjoy food without stuffing your face and keep working out your  figure is going to improve.
It has to.
Just keep going.
When you are working out,
suck in your abs,
stand up straight,
squeeze your tush,
be strong,
be conscious of what body part you are working on – no spaghetti body!
When you are done, reward yourself with a big glass of water and sit down to plan your next meal… dreaming of flavors, herbs, textures…(Now watch this while I wrap this whole series up in a tidy little package) 

You’ll miss days here and there…
which is why you have to eat like a Parisienne….
and then you’ll get a burrito craving…
which is why you have to work out like an American….
You get it.
Stay strong, stay healthy and truly enjoy food.


 Parisienne Farmgirl


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  1. Kimberly

    Loved this series of posts!!! I’ve been trying to eat smarter as well as working out smarter. Some days its easier said than done.

    How did I miss the macaron sale?!?!!! I had my first one thus summer with my daughter in nyc at laduree…. Loved them!!! I would have purchased a few dozen but I’m in nc. Taking any orders still???


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