Eat Like a Parisienne Workout Like an American Part V — A Flashback Series

Sep 11, 2014 | Random Thoughts | 3 comments

Flashback post… One more coming in this Flashback Series!
Work out Like an American.


Une Americaine.
I’ll catch you up real quick, if you are just joining us you should start at the beginning of this series… but the basic premise is that the Parisienne’s eat very well and moderately but no matter how hard we try, we are not (alas) Parisienne’s.  Good Lord, those poor souls don’t have MEXICAN food at their fingertips like we do…. and we love us some Mexican food… which is why we have to work out like Americans.
You gotta work out.
What I do want to do is digress for a moment… cause weight can be a touchy subject.
What I want to make clear is that I’m not saying that everyone should look the same, that everyone should strive for some perfect figure and be miserable if they don’t have it.
I hate that.
That is totally NOT my style.
You gotta stand up straight, chin high, straighten your shoulders and be who you are.
Don’t apologize for yourself… especially with your posture.  If you want to loose weight – fine.
Do it.
If you don’t – that’s cool.
Our focus should be HEALTH not some ridiculous
standard set by a fourteen-year-old supermodel.
Though I have never been skinny and probably will never even be “thin” I do hate to carry extra weight.  It just makes things too difficult.  Getting dressed is a pain and I can’t express myself with clothing the way I want to.  When the weight is gone I find that I am not trying to hide flaws, cram myself in Spanx…
It’s so much for effortless to throw on a sheath and go.
Staying strong and healthy will only benefit us as we get older.
We are talking quality of life here.  Who wants to be 72 with a counter top full of high blood pressure meds and knees that can’t make it up the stairs anymore???
Not I said the cat.
We can maintain a more youthful appearance by keeping up with our muscles… they give our bones something to lay on!
I heard once that for every pound we are overweight our heart has to pump like two extra miles of blood.  Could that be true?  Yikes!
I believe our bodies were made to work.
Made to be strong.
Our great-grandparents worked so much harder than we do.
They didn’t spend hours commuting, watching T.V. or blogging!  
They contributed TO LIFE. 
They did not consume it.
They ate hearty foods and yet remained rather small.  Whenever I visit the Vintage Clothing Show I am astonished at how SMALL the turn of the century dresses are.   True, their bodies were conformed to corsets and possibly slightly malnourished for lack of dietary variety but overall they were very small.  Our lives are very sedentary as compared with our ancestors (and compared with our Parisienne sisters who walk just about everywhere) and many of us have a lifetime of meat and dairy consumption that has been pumped full of growth hormones.
But like I have said, we are products of our environment – we have to work out.
Working out not only creates muscle but it helps us manage our stress.  Speaking of our grandparents… I also heard the other day, that you and I experience the same amount of stress in sixty days that our grandparents experienced in 60-70 years OF LIFE!
That is positively frightening.  No wonder so many of us carry around that,
“Is life really supposed to be like this?” feeling.
Working out does wonders.
If you began (power) walking 45 minutes a day, every day did you know that without changing another thing you will most likely be 15 pounds thinner a year from now?
My work out journey has been full of variety.
I have been working out for eighteen years (my biggest gaps being 5 months during pregnancies) and I have had to change many things along the way to accommodate my life.  I’ve worked out for two hours a day some years and twenty minutes a day others… Alone pounding the pavement and alone with my thoughts or holding a baby who began to cry in the middle of my step routine.
There are no excuses that can not be creatively  “gotten around”.
So, are you ready?  Are you ready to learn to love to work out?  Are you ready to get addicted to that endorphin rush?  Ready to breath that fresh air, or feel that pumping bass of the music pushing you on to continue?
The bottom line is you matter NOW.
Don’t believe some sick lie that you will matter once you look a certain way.
 That is a lie from the pits of hell, encouraged by our celebrity and youth obsessed culture.  
Feeling like crap right now?  
Is your hair washed?
Are you sitting up straight?
Got your lip gloss on?
Have you breathed any fresh air today?
You matter now.
Why not begin to take care of your body?  
It’s time to sweat!
Let’s pick this up in a day or so!



  1. à la parisienne


    So glad to hear you are doing better and that you received good results from your test. From what I’ve read about cysts, Frankincense is perfect for helping them to shrink and even disappear. I have a friend who has used(YL)Frankincense and Lemon for years to help with ovarian cysts. I couldn’t help but laugh at your Frigidaire comment–There’s definitely an oil for everything 😉

  2. Gail Peterson

    Hi Angela,
    Great post today, Just finished my work out! I felt so in the moment reading your post!

    WE ar in sync to day!
    I posted my first Throw back photo on my blog & Fb today { from my archives in my mid 20’s}

    Feeling good makes everything better!
    A beautiful day to you, To great health!!!!

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    ALP- THAT is great to know, I will add the Frank to my neck routine!

    Gail – I have to take my own advice and work out when the kids are done schooling. It was a long morning around here. I wish it was done!


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