Eat Like a Parisienne Work Out Like an American Part II – Flashback Post

Aug 5, 2014 | Health and Beauty, Recipes | 3 comments

 Post Script 8/5/14.  This post originally appeared April 24, 2012 and out of all my thousand plus posts it’s one of my favorites.  It takes me back to my times in Paris.  It inspires me and makes me laugh.  I hope you enjoy.  If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you and if you have I think you’ll enjoy it again.  
For part one in this series click here.

A little about Parisienne’s…

It’s been hashed over and talked about so much it’s almost redundant for me to even write this part of the series but you and I know, those darn Parisienne’s eat much different than us, their American sisters and we can’t seem to get enough of learning their tricks…

But first off – let’s be real.
I mean, come on.
Have you seen a “real” Parisienne?

Lord love ’em, I am not trying to stereotype – this is all in fun…
but girlfriends are, for the most part, positively Napoleonic in size.


Once I was on the metro, and you’ll pardon me for saying this, but I could not stop staring at this women’s derriere, IT WAS SO SMALL!  And I don’t mean small like, Hollywood small, I mean small, like a CHILD’S or something.  I just kept thinking,
 “I didn’t know an adult butt could be that small!”

So many of them, not all of course, but so many of our French friends are just… small.
It can really make a girl feel like Sasquatch.

Once I was in this little boutique (my favorite in Paris) on the
Blvd. St. Germain…

perhaps you know it…
Les Filles a la Vanille… 

  Isn’t that the COOLEST place???  Well, anyways… David…
 “Daa-veed” had to break the news to me that I wore the largest size in the store as he was helping me put an outfit together.


So, they have that going for them… those petite Parisienne’s and…
they smoke.
OK, not all of them.  But lot’s.

Audrey  Toutou

I wish I smoked.

I am kidding of COURSE!
But darned if you don’t always have something to do if you are a smoker.
You would never have to eat out of boredom, you could just light up a ciggy and die your slow death.
And, they smoke while dining out too… which I imagine breaks up their meal a bit, giving their brain time to realize they don’t need to eat anymore.

I’m serious.  Think about it.
If you’ve ever people watched at a Paris café then you know what I mean.
Smoking, talking, hands waving in animated gestures, nibbling here and there.

They also have that whole, amazing food going for them.
Good, glorious, colorful, decedent, sweet, herb infused, delicious food.

It seems that our Parisienne sisters don’t live in constant
 fear of food like their paranoid American counterparts.
Jenny Craig hasn’t landed on their South Beach, holding hands with Dr. Atkins while snarfing down a Grapefruit but dreaming of a Slim Fast. 
 They have a real Nutrisystem and it’s called REAL FOOD.

Come on… that was good.

Delicious food.
The Parisienne surrounds herself with it.
From crepe stands to open air food markets in her neighborhood.
From her local baker to her favorite cheese shop.
She eats delicious, flavorful, full-fat food and she does it often… because food is a PRIORITY for the French, and not an afterthought, she knows she will have such good food again and again with regularity so she doesn’t have to binge on that wedge of Brie, desperate for it’s creamy goodness… she knows she can easily have some more in a day or two.

I imagine the Parisienne has a sense of shame.
In that I mean, in many aspects Americans have done away with the shame to being very overweight – we accommodate ourselves with extra large movie seats, airplane seats, special plus sized stores and if we get too big we can use a little moped to drive around the grocery store.

Meep. Meep.

But for the French… well… if you are going to be told at a normal, healthy weight that you are the largest size in the store…
I guess that would limit your options a bit wouldn’t it?

It’s my guess that in such a beautiful culture there is a certain amount of pressure to garder la ligne 
or maintain ones figure.  I suppose that is good and bad for them just like our fading lack of shame is both good and bad for us.

In the meantime, I love to be inspired and I do find aspects of it very inspiring.

Now… how to eat like a Parisienne?
Stay tuned…

Parisienne Farmgirl

And for more info on the wonderful subject you must read the guru of eating like a Parisienne.   You can shop by clicking on the books.  Shopping Amazon through Parisienne Farmgirl supports the time invested in this blog and my family and I thank you.

All images found with Goole images and are stock photography, source unknown,
from company websites such as the boutique photo (linked) or are public domain.



  1. La Contessa

    I have her books they are good and so TRUE!I have been cooking out of them this summer!Recipes are easy and divine!!!!!!!
    They walk more………we tend to take the elevator…..those Parisians the stairs!Portions are smaller……of course.But they eat what they want and its a much more balanced diet don’t you think?

  2. Kristi

    I agree REAL food is the answer!! I’ve never been one to “diet” but I have learned a lot about nutrition during the years and realize what is good and what is not! I need to get the cookbook now! 🙂
    I went to Italy in the 90’s and what struck me was how THIN everyone was there. It was one of the only vacations where I LOST weight, but ate the most delicious food! We have Americanized Italian food, it’s much different in Italy! 🙂


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