The Parisienne Farmhouse…Noël inside and out.

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After an entire day of “must do’s” to get ready for the birth of “le Troisieme” (organized linen closet, Hubby’s closet…ugh, 12 loads of laundry that have been sitting around while I paint and make soap, pulled out the baby clothes tubs and washed everything male and female 0-3 months, washed all new G-Diaper’s that arrived today and took care of two small children with the flu!!!) I decided to over indulge in posting photos of the Parisienne Farmhouse TM this Christmas.
Oui, this post is over the top but I had the entire evening cozy in bed, just me and the laptop … and a 34 week old baby that can’t seem to get comfortable …
When the movie “Amélie” came out many years ago my brother and I were talking about how the director captured Paris and he argued (having not been there) that that is not REALLY what Paris looks like, after all, he used lots of colored filters and techniques to create a “look” – I argued back that that may be the case, but that is how Paris looks to me, in my heart and thru my eyes when I am there.
Why mention that? Because, those these photos are edited for fun, I love my house at Christmas time, it’s magical and it cast’s a mood…these photos are how it looks to me, in my heart at this time of year.
I have been so inspired by other’s Christmas posts, I hope this inspires you too! Double click for viewing pleasure!

The arbor we were married under …

Got greens? Cut them and shove them into the leftover dirt in your outdoor pots.

I love rose hips almost as much as I love roses. LOVE THEM!

Enjoying the last few days of the fountain – wish I had one of those heaters, would love to see it run all winter.

The bedroom tree and a box collection.

A-la-Parisienne inspired me to add my beloved ostrich feather boa to my tree.

The powder room with a few brightly colored ornaments on a pedestal plate.

Next to the kitchen sink. Blue shiny brights and clove studded oranges.

A look into the living room. I call these giant hanging ornaments my Versailles ornaments. They are so over the top! Thank goodness Hubby and I are short!

I love to decorate my Chandeliers.

“Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men!”

Looking up at the tree.

These two are SOOOOOOOOO Parisienne Farmgirl,
Juniors old No. 8 next to the Eiffel Tower.

La Grand Jatte – Christmas style.


This year I did the Eiffel Tower on my Coffee Table again but have not added the greens to the Peacock feathers yet…can’t decide if I will. I have to clean up all this mess and then have a baby you know!

Hit the motherload at a rummage sale 5 years ago … teal, blue, mustard …

OK, don’t laugh at my tacky stockings. I have the kid’s names in glitter and have always meant to cut off that horrible Target red sock and attach a homemade one … I just have not found the right fabric yet, so there they hang.

Another view.

That little white tree is my only one, I hope to own about thirty someday. Until then, it is my favorite. PS – if you don’t like the color of your vintage suitcase – just paint it. That’s how I got TEAL!

Again, someday I hope to own a whole bunch of sugar churches and what not – until then, this was my Great Gramma’s. It is so sweet.

Into the dining room.

Les Versailles.

The tree. Would you believe I had some ladies over the other night and had forgot to SKIRT my tree??? They all came over to that giant plastic bag under the tree!

Kitchen details.

Don’t forget the tops of your hutches. Just go out and hack at the closest pine tree you can find. Again – I am NOT looking forward to cleaning those dried needles up but they look so pretty.

This year I easily (somehow) talked hubby into bringing in my garden concrete. So nice to enjoy it year round now.

The front window – in black and white.

And, in color.


My homemade Trumeau, more garden concrete and my wine tree. Full of corks and my special, glass, 2000 Champagne bottle ornaments.

The kitchen counter. This might be my favorite idea I had this year. (Grammer???)

The other side of the kitchen sink. A blue shiny bright from the faux olive tree. Lest I forget what season this is.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Have fun making your own!


  1. mary from michigan

    Beautiful! Very Parisienne, of course. You said you’d like more of the sugar houses someday. I know of a store in Geneseo, IL which has a variety of beautiful large putz houses. The store is called “Curious Cargo”. I call them after Christmas each year, they describe what they have left and I get it shipped to me (1/2 price, of course, cuz I’m a tightwad!) I’ve started a collection this way. They have good customer service, if you want to try them. Blessings to you, Joel, and the little chickens. And welcome to your new addition. Happy CHRISTmas!

  2. mary from michigan

    P.S. The same store has lots of bottle brush trees, also affordable!

  3. My Vintage Modern Farmhouse...

    Wow, it’s spectacular. You have a great eye for decorating and I think you captured Paris beautifully!


  4. Jerri

    Everything looks so lovely!

    Hope to see you next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!

  5. Bonjour Madame

    That was a wonderful tour! I love all the details and the hanging Versailles ornaments. It’s all very magical.

  6. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    SO PRETTY! You are so clever in your decorating and that black and white floor with the green velvet…ohhh! It’s gorgeous, Ang, you’ve outdone yourself!

  7. Anne Marie


    seen it FIRST HAND I have…….

    and all i can tell people is how awesomely inspiring it was! and is!!

  8. Teri

    Ok…totally love everything you did.

    Love the french touches.

    You inspire me!


  9. red ticking

    sooo pretty and i adore the “rolls” on your daughters arms.. i could just eat those up… my friends have children with rolls and they are just adorable… i love the nightly prayers and all… do precious. what a truly blessed life you have. merry christmas… x pam

  10. Corinne.

    Très jolies toutes ta déco de Noël !!
    En plus tu as de la neige j’adore !!
    Il n’y en a pas chez nous dommage !

  11. koralee

    Your home is so so lovely..thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you too…thank you for visiting me and for the warm wishes.

  12. cityfarmer

    tres chic, of course!!!
    I can still rmember the “original ” stuff gram used to put up. The chickens will always remember the things they grew up with … like the vintage bulbs in s bowl …

    tres chic AND warm and cozy!!
    I sure you will have even tweek-ed it more beofre the birthday brunch

  13. Joannah

    Oh, Angela! Your home is so lovely! I wish I could spend a snowy afternoon in your parlor.

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Jenny

    OH, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. And also thank you for the Christmas tour. How lovely. Merry Christmas!

  15. Rue

    Your decor is gorgeous and those pictures are amazing! Loved this post 🙂

    I’m a Harvick fan myself, but will always love Jr. too 😉


  16. Alpaca Farmgirl

    Beautiful! Simply Beautiful. In fact, I’m going to go look through it again.



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