Ella and Harry have been asking for days, “What are you doing New Years Eve?”
I am in the kitchen all day, roast chicken, then chicken soup, Cinnamon Swirl Bread for the freezer and as many baguettes as my flour supply will allow.
Joel will be home by 6 and we will light the candles and have a cozy soup and bread dinner (I’ll be “dressed” for dinner … mais bien sur … or at least I’ll have my lips on!) then we will probably crank the tunes and dance around the living room with the kids.
I can’t wait.

So this post is sort of a joke ’cause in so many ways I am unplugged from Pop Culture. I love politics and certain movie stars but let’s put it this way; I could give a rats you-know-what about Tiger Woods and it was only earlier this year that I learned who “John and Kate” even were. (Oh to have been spared that little bit of information!)
An unplugged T.V. will do that to a girl.
Still, I thought it would be fun to compose a couple lists of things I really enjoyed this year. Move over Oprah. These are my favorite things and my crash course review of our year.
Lots of links for ya…

Movies (in random order:)
Public Enemies
Julie and Julia
The Grocers Son

Music (this was a country/worship year for me)
Then – Brad Paisley

Dierks Bently
Love Story – Taylor (gag) Swift
Sweet Thing – Keith Urban
Big Green Tractor – Jason Aldean
People are Crazy – Billy Currington
Emmanuel – MercyMe
I Need a Savior – Among the Thirsty

Things I Could Have Done with Out
-Balloon Boy Coverage
-Anything about John and Kate
-Knowing about Tigers sexcapades
-Anything Carrie Underpants – YUCK!
-Ever hearing a moronic answer out of the White House Press Secretary, “ugh, ugh, ugh”
-Michael Jackson madness (but if you want to see me dance like madwoman give me a bottle of champagne and throw on “Don’t Stop til you Get Enough”
-Seeing that “Twilight” crap everytime I turn around (and I thought Harry Potter mania was irritating)
-TV’s at gas stations
-TV’s in the produce section and grocery checkout
-Disney/Pixar’s UP (The first 20 15 minutes are so sweet, then just turn it off!)
-Morning/All day sickness

Things I loved:
Mark Driscoll’s Preaching – I can’t get enough. Somedays it’s like getting hit by a two by four, other days it’s like I’ve never heard the Bible preached before. Totally addicting. Totally challenging. If you are sick of lame, anecdotal preaching, Mark’s your Man. It’s all about Jesus!

-Maybelline Lash Stiletto – bought in pinch, I NEVER buy drug store makeup and…WOW! Va, va, va VOOM!

Netflix, Yeah, I am late to the game but I’m never giving Blockbuster another dime of my money

-Picnik, cause sometimes opening Photoshop is just a pain in the butt.

-My sewing machine. Finally. I learned…or should I say, am learning to follow a pattern. It’s about time.

Singing at Church. This year I was blessed to start leading worship at church once or twice a month. It’s been so challenging and incredible…now if I could just find a local country band I could harmonize with…

This year’s miracles/How life changed:
-The famine ended. By this I mean, the previous 18 months of wondering if we would loose our house (and our minds) came to a close with a phone call for a painting bid in July, from there on it’s been steady work that we prayed would not end, then OUT OF NOWHERE another call came about 6 weeks ago for a position that Joel applied for LAST YEAR. It’s a steady job and it has provided us with, dare I say, a little extra money this quarter and when combined with the painting…well, our one prayer for so many months was just to pay the bills and praise God, they are being paid. It got so bad, so many times…when we look back we can not hardly believe “it’s over.”

-Life sprang forth. Even in the midst of that financial turmoil I craved another baby. I could not BARE the thought of looking back someday and thinking,”Oh we waited” or “Oh, we “only” had two kids cause we could not afford the midwife fees for a third.” It was scary to think of all the “hows” but God did bless us with a third pregnancy that is coming to a close any day now.

Final Thoughts
We relfected together last night and it really has been an incredible year for us. To have this baby on the way and to have things change so dramatically for us mid year – we could have never imagined it.
I am REARING to GO! I am ready for this baby. Just about every stinking closet, drawer and nook and cranny of this home has been sorted, purged and organized by yours truly. We have our new “schoolbarn” that I don’t know what I did without (just a fancy name for my garage makeover), I learned to follow a pattern this year, tried tons of new recipes, grew closer to God, my husband and children than I thought possible – we are quite a team these days if I do say so myself and aside from a couple days in the kitchen that I want under my belt, I am ready for this baby. Hair is cut, nails are done, I even managed a contorted self-pedicure the other day!

What 2010 holds, only heaven knows but I’ve got some plans and plans for the blog…
I will be doing a “Design on a Centime” VIDEO series as I shop for, and makeover our old guest bedroom into the new “Gustavian meets Versailles” nursery, I hope to create a Parisienne Farmgirl follower widget, I might give updates as I rise to meet the challenge of loosing 50 pounds (I did it two years ago after Amélie and just the thought of doing it again makes me tired and energized!) AND I will be unveiling my new Chocolate Blog as I, in the spirit of Julie and Julia, bake and create my way thruPierre Herme’s Chocolate Dessert Cookbook! Of course, there are book writing ideas, gardening ideas – we’ll see what can be crammed into the next 365 days!!!

Goodness, I am prattling on.
I hope your find New Years as exciting as I do.
I love Mondays, Firsts of the Month, but especially New Years. If you are a resolutions person, don’t let anyone tell you they are foolish. How fun and adventurous to start afresh – especially with Jesus on your side – God’s mercies are new every morning!!!

Happy New Year.
Bonne Année
and God Bless.

Love, Angela
Parisienne Farmgirl