I’m Angela,Parisiene Farmgirland I’ve got a serious case of Joie De Vivre!
That’s fancy for Joy of Life!

I began writing here over a decade ago as a way to share my excitement over my first child but then something wonderful happened….

Lovely readers, such as yourself, began to tune in and I began to expand my topics to areas of myself that I was in the midst of developing… Gardening… Cooking… Learning to homeschool…

Developing my adult sense of fashion and…since then I’ve totally fallen in love with motherhood and have had five more kiddos for a total of six fabulous little people all born at home!

Over the years, I’ve come into contact with some amazing people and have had incredible opportunities being featured on the cover of Where Women Cook and in Fifi O’Niels Romantic Prairie Style and Romantic Prairie Style Cookbook other books and magazines.

It’s been a long time since this city girl published her first blog post and I’ve learned to raise goats, butcher chickens and pigs, keep bees, make cheese…all things I NEVER thought I would do. I even wrote my OWN cookbook!

All while rocking my babies and sporting my Signature Reds of course!

A few years ago I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils and they gave me the health miracle I was desperately needing at the time. Since then I’ve decided to grow a business with this amazing company and that business facilitated our dream coming true. I’m a Diamond now with doTERRA and this works perfectly with my desire to help women create true Joie de Vivre in their lives! When you feel healthy and great it’s so much easier to be joyful! Thanks to doTERRA we are now a full-time family and we’ve moved to our favourite place in the world (outside France of course) DOOR COUNTY, Wisconsin, The Martha’s Vineyard of the Midwest! We’ve been vacationing here for twenty years and so to LIVE here now is a dream come true!

Just outside stunning Sister Bay we’re in the middle of a HUGE design adventure. Transforming a 1980’s eco-friendly home into a bonafide French Farmhouse from the 1780’s and we’re turning the wooded thirteen acres into a potager and gardens and farmland oozing with European charm. This house on a rock is going to keep us busy for years to come. I’ll be gardening, cooking and designing every step of the way as this crazy mess becomes Sur le Rocher, Country House and Gardens.