Parisienne Farmgirl… Wedding Planner Extraordinaire?

Dec 10, 2010 | Full Time Family | 10 comments

Meet Chelsea Joy.
Darling little sister to me, Angela Joy… by ten years.
We have waited for this… the moment I met Derek I thought, “Darned if he isn’t the one”  – she actually had God tell her the SAME EXACT THING!
…. after a secret trip to the Jeweler with yours truly….
Derek proposed.

Why wouldn’t she…
 Derek just a dream of a guy… a “Cowboy” if you are familiar with my rant’s on men.  He suits her… can reign her in and set her free all in a day’s work which is what we stronger, than strong willed women need.
This strong sister of mine has invited my Momma and I to plan her wedding with her!!!  Now, 15 years later I am still proud of the wedding I planned for myself, I had a so much fun helping Victoria with ideas for hers… but I have a feeling I am really gonna get to “run” with this one.  The steam is coming out of my ears at all hours of the day… I am just so happy for her… I can’t wait to help her make it
Did I mention we will be doing it on a shoestring?  An elegant one, but a shoestring concerning wedding budgets nonetheless.  That makes it even COOLER!  
I have always joked that I could plan weddings for a living, drunk, blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back… well here is my chance…
Though I am a sober individual, don’t like to mess us my mascara and my hands are here in front of me – typing.
After this Momma and I might have to start a new biz!  Savvy City Farmer and 
Parisienne Farmgirl planning weddings together?  AHHHH!  Can you imagine!
 Not content to photograph them I want to plan them too…
Here are a few teaser inspirational photos… 

This is gonna be more fun than the law allows!!!  
My sister is a GORGEOUS girl and she is just gonna shine!
Really, I have so many ideas I could plan five weddings right now!
Any takers?


  1. Stephanie

    “I have always joked that I could plan weddings for a living, drunk, blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back.”……SO FUNNY! Actually I can’t imagine why you are not a professional wedding planner. I think weddings on a budget would be a fantastic business idea.

    I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Faith

    How exciting! I’m so happy for Chels!

  3. A Cottage Muse

    How exciting!! I know you’ll keep us in the loop!

  4. cityfarmer

    now we’re cooking with gas!

    here we go.

    “the million dollar look for a buck”
    My new book title

  5. Bringing Pretty Back

    Congrats to your sister! I am the Matron of honor for my friends FIRST wedding. We are 42, I have been married forever! I will be watching what you are doing and getting fun ideas! This is goona be fun!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Deb

    Just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have my first grand-daughter now and I love all your posts about your children and how your care for them, especially in the kitchen. I love that you are so concerned about what they eat and you serve healthy, home-made meals. Your photographs are beautiful as are you and your children. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations. Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  7. Tamra

    “Million dollar wedding on a buck” I love it!!

    I can’t wait to see what you two girls pull together. My daughter is about to get engaged very soon to a wonderful guy. These two deserve the wedding of their dreams but our budget is pretty low so even though I’ve been asked to help on many weddings I feel like I could use all the help I can get on this one, so I’ll look forward to getting some fresh ideas from you two elegant farmgirls.


  8. Joannah

    How exciting! It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure.

    I loved, loved, loved planning my wedding. My budget was just slightly more than a shoestring, but I made good choices and it was everything I ever dreamed of. Even though our fairytale was short-lived, I look back on my wedding day with great joy.

    I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  9. Mari

    LOL. I just jumped online to book the tickets for my (only, younger) sister’s bachelorette party, for this Friday. Wedding is Sunday. Did I mention they announced their engagement 5 weeks ago? I barely have had time to register the fact that she’s getting married since immediately we went into planning mode. He must be the one b/c everything has just fallen into place. Dress fit perfectly off the rack, venue was avail, etc etc… Anyway, all this to say, have great great fun with the planning and congrats to your sis!!


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