Meet Chelsea Joy.
Darling little sister to me, Angela Joy… by ten years.
We have waited for this… the moment I met Derek I thought, “Darned if he isn’t the one”  – she actually had God tell her the SAME EXACT THING!
…. after a secret trip to the Jeweler with yours truly….
Derek proposed.

Why wouldn’t she…
 Derek just a dream of a guy… a “Cowboy” if you are familiar with my rant’s on men.  He suits her… can reign her in and set her free all in a day’s work which is what we stronger, than strong willed women need.
This strong sister of mine has invited my Momma and I to plan her wedding with her!!!  Now, 15 years later I am still proud of the wedding I planned for myself, I had a so much fun helping Victoria with ideas for hers… but I have a feeling I am really gonna get to “run” with this one.  The steam is coming out of my ears at all hours of the day… I am just so happy for her… I can’t wait to help her make it
Did I mention we will be doing it on a shoestring?  An elegant one, but a shoestring concerning wedding budgets nonetheless.  That makes it even COOLER!  
I have always joked that I could plan weddings for a living, drunk, blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back… well here is my chance…
Though I am a sober individual, don’t like to mess us my mascara and my hands are here in front of me – typing.
After this Momma and I might have to start a new biz!  Savvy City Farmer and 
Parisienne Farmgirl planning weddings together?  AHHHH!  Can you imagine!
 Not content to photograph them I want to plan them too…
Here are a few teaser inspirational photos… 

This is gonna be more fun than the law allows!!!  
My sister is a GORGEOUS girl and she is just gonna shine!
Really, I have so many ideas I could plan five weddings right now!
Any takers?