Parisienne Farmgirl Giveaway! – Fermé!

Jul 15, 2010 | Uncategorized | 10 comments

Ok ladies!  WOW! 
 It’s midnight – I stayed up this late just for you… just kidding, I was Skyping with my S.I.L.
But sadly the giveaway is officially closed.  (Don’t fret, I will do another one in October for the P.F. Anniversary!) 
I am going to TRY to announce the winner tomorrow but I am neck deep in prepping for a BIG family reunion so humor me…
I can NOT believe 110 of you commented!  I think I got 50 some odd comments after Juliette (Hoolie) was born and I could not believe that!
Thank you so much to all of you who entered and who became followers.  I hope you like what you have found in the archives (Hopefully my obsession with my chickens (kids) and views of the culture and politics have not sent you running for the hills! LOL).  But hey, I am what I am 🙂
Really, I love this website so much.  
It is such an amazing creative outlet and brings me such a thrill… as corny as that sounds.  I have “met” so many amazing people and in fact made friends, real, tangible, talk-on-the-phone-every-day friends that I don’t know what I would do without.
Best wishes to all of you.  I am almost feeling guilty that I can’t send the prize to each and every one of you!
Check back in tomorrow for the winner but if it takes me ’til Sunday night PLEASE forgive me.  I should have planned the timing of this a bit better!
Bon Weekend Mes Amis!!!


  1. Privet and Holly

    Isn’t it wonderful that you
    have this great creative
    outlet for all of your many
    interests??? Just had to
    pop over from Joy’s blog;
    what a lovely tribute from
    mom to daughter. Wish I’d
    had this same outlet ten
    years ago when my chickens
    were little! Have fun at
    the reunion : ) xx Suzanne


    Darling, everyone understands! And when life gets in the way of blogging, we all understand that too. So happy for you with the responses. xx’s

  3. Ms. Bake-it

    Of course we understand! I definitely enjoyed going through your archives.

    Have fun at the reunion!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Cottage Remnant

    Don’t Fret…. family is ALWAYS first….giveaways can wait…be blessed.

  5. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Hey Ang – I’m also planning for a big family party – my son’s 18th next weekend (80 plus possible coming) and hosting a giveaway at my blog for my 100th post. Not the best timing but that is how it happened! My giveaway is still open until middle of next week and is for my friends in the US and Canada only – a gift card so you get to choose what you spend it on. If you get time pop over and enter or if any of your friends have missed yours they can come over and enter mine. Actually having the giveaway up is quite good as I don’t have to write another post until it is over(just check the comments box!) and then I’m doing a giveaway for my down under friends. Normal blog posts resume after the party is over and I have left the kitchen!
    I so enjoy reading your blog – I’m always inspired and I love your humour too!

  6. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    Oh phoooey, I missed it!
    Did you announce your giveaway while I was on vacation? I’m bummed not because I didn’t enter, but because I would have given it a shout on my blog.

    Next time for sure. 🙂

    Enjoy your reunion!


  7. Tamra

    Hey do what you gotta do Chickie! Anxious to have the winners announced. Have a great weekend!

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  9. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Oh how lovely have a fabulous time @ the reunion. My family is very small and most everyone passed away by now, so I truly miss the BIG reunions we used to have. Savor it 😉

  10. Jenny

    You are a doll of a blogger and such an encouraging believer. I have had more going on than usual and just now catching up (yikes, I missed the wonderous giveaway). How awesome that your home will be showcased in a true Parisienne’s book of choice homes. Have a joyous summer and fun at the reunion.


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