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Parenting, Verb –  from the Latin Parentitius meaning to love profoundly and to want to rip your hair out upon occasion.

To be woken up in the middle of the night for any of the following: to be told that a slipper has fallen off, to be suckled or just to be said “hi” to.

To clean what were freshly bathed butt cracks and freshly laundered sleepers 45 minutes after being worn.

To feel guilty when being told, “I’m hungry” during the bedtime story.

To feel guilty for just wanting to be done with the day when that “hungry” person brings you 5 books to read at bedtime and one of them is Babar – all 45 pages of him.

To go until 1pm without brushing your teeth.

To become constipated because when the need to go presents itself you don’t have the time.

To wish just once that when you finally do have the time you could do your “business” without having to have a conversation thru the door, hold a baby or discuss the questions, “what Mamma doin‘?”

To clean spit up out of your hair 10 minutes before you leave for church to sing on Palm Sunday.

To struggle with feelings of “doing it wrong” when you have a strong willed child.

To feel stupid for even calling him that when he is so good 98% of the time.

To feel clueless when what you do during that remaining 2% is totally ineffective.

To be moved to tears at the responsibility of practicing what you preach, less you live a hypocritical life and encourage teenage rebellion.

To be moved to tears over the responsibility of leading them to the Cross.

To realize that the laundry will never really be done.

To have to strength and energy to follow through with what you said you would do be it a spanking or trip to the chocolate factory.

To savor “first ” moments.

To make sure baby does not get addicted to any of the following: motion sleep, being nursed to sleep, needing a pacifier to sleep, complete silence while sleeping, etc, etc…

To equally distribute your affections especially when your toddler is watching you fawn all over his baby sister.

To be disgusted over commercials/movie adds you normally would not think twice about during NASCAR.

To foster talents, interests and hobbies without becoming controlling or over-committing your child.

To make tough decisions like to home-school when there is a big part of you who would really like to have 6 hours a day to get stuff done.

To console over bumped heads, skinned palms and LEGO creations that topple over.

To try to explain that summer is when we can go swimming and that winter will soon be over.

To allow toddler to help you cook dinner (every night!) when really, it would go alot faster if you did it by yourself.

To be amazed that toddler LOVES to cook dinner and even has some recipes memorized and reaches into the cupboard for what comes next!

To try to have an adult conversation with just about anyone who will listen during the day.

To keep your toddler under the illusion that French Fries are the only things on the MacDo menu.

To realize just how dangerous playground equipment really is.

To paint over chipped toe-nail polish to grasp some semblance of self grooming.

To completely loose the ability to sleep any later than 8:30 in the morning.

To laugh at how self absorbed people without children are.

To slowly but surely eliminate all your favorite words from your vocabulary.

To realize that “darn” “crap” “fricken” “dang it” “sucks” and every “shitzer” are words that can only be said around adults.

To quarterly go through drawers and closets and weed out clothes that no longer fit – sobbing the entire time.

To realize that you have the right to throw out broken and mismatched toys during naptime!

To try to explain to a toddler why he now has to go to bed while the sun is shining.

To live for moments when your children are still enough to cuddle, snuggle and kiss on you.

To wish you could let them sleep with you just for one night but know that they would never understand why they can’t do it again tomorrow night.

To be twitching by the time everyone makes it into the car on Sunday morning.

To have been out with your kids all morning only to arrive at your Chiropractor’s office and have him bend down and put your sons shoes on the proper feet.

To get physically ill at the thought of the day when your children will prefer to play with their friends instead of you.

To walk around the rest of your life with your heart exposed. This exposed heart can swell with pride, fill with love or be trampled on at any given moment by your children. But you love them, you’d die for them – you would NEVER go back to life without them!

GO KISS YOU BABIES – and if you don’t have enough go make some more!!!!


  1. Faith

    WOW!!! That was so amazing. I can relate to so many of those things. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you.

  2. Tanya

    Aw I’m all teary eyed now. Loved that and I could relate to just about every one of those. I had to lol about putting toe nail polish over chipped polish, I do that regularly it seems!

  3. HomemakerAng

    LOVE IT! we are prolific here… ;0)we don’t have cable…

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    We only have about 10 channels and sadly there are about 10 NASCAR races that they show on real cable – so we listen on the radio while we work in the garden. I’m sure the neighbors love it.


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