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Aug 28, 2009 | Pop Culture/Politics | 20 comments



  1. Joannah

    I saw that on Drudge earlier today.

    Dear Leader is like an octopus! I swear! Reaching out in every direction for control of our society.

    When will he go away?

  2. Jen

    What can I say? So scary…why are so many people blind to what’s going on?

  3. Bonjour Madame

    I just heard this on the radio on the way home. You think the next announcement won’t get more bizarre but they just keep coming, each one more outrageous than the next.

  4. Farmgirl Cyn

    Quite frankly, this does not surprise me in the least. Slowly, but surely, we are losing all freedoms. We need to prepare ourselves for the worst, and truly put our faith in the Lord. It is not going to get any better.

  5. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Who will save us from this facist? We are the only ones who can do this, and we must: we need to do it because the President, and I believe our whole government at this time is in TOTAL ANARCHY.

    Chaos will be the result and we won’t recognize our country if this takeover of our government does not stop.

  6. Kimberly

    I can’t comment. I don’t have the words to express what I think…
    I hope he hasn’t Pulled my plug and switched my brain off!!!
    He seems to have done this to some!
    xxx kim

  7. Thistle Cove Farm

    I’ve been in former Soviet countries and felt more free and a LOT safer than “my” country!
    NObama is frightening, very VERY frightening!

  8. Victoria

    Here’s another word: fascism. That’s what it is when it goes beyond socialism, when power is in the hands of a small elite and the masses – perhaps finally awake to the horrors – can no longer participate in ANY fashion.

    As Madame said, it’s one thing after another and not getting any better. Would if I could bring some good news… but I think it’s going to get a lot worse.

    BTW, send me all you’ve got via e-mail. WHILE I CAN STILL GET E-MAIL!! MUAAHHHHHHAHAHA!

  9. Blasé

    It’s called Politics/government control (destruction) of all that is good for the people.

    Next question/WTF????…

  10. Anne Marie

    I hope you aren’t getting too upset over this Ang….for it was bound to happen – he wants to shut down all conservative talk, but it won’t work –
    they are too strong (the conservatives)

    besides – I hope he does do it, for it will then maybe show others how controlling he is…..
    it truly is a heap of cow manure

  11. Gorilla Bananas

    Are you really a farmgirl? You don’t look buxom enough.

  12. English Cottage in Georgia

    Unbelievably believable with this freedom hating administration. Can you imagine the reactions if Bush had proposed this?

  13. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Are you really a gorilla?
    You don’t sound intelligent enough.

    Gosh, I could not resist that one. I mean come on. Can we keep the comments on subject and not tick off my husband in the meantime???

  14. RobinfromCA

    People keep using the term socialism, I keep using the term communism. Complete government control of every aspect of our lives; what we hear, read, see, how we take care of our families and who gets to live or die. He doesn’t really want to be president, he wants to be emperor with an eventual promotion to god (non-use of capitals intended). We should be afraid because we are still over a year away from general elections and this administration is as crooked as they come and his minions are in control of congress.

  15. Annie

    Parisienne Farmgirl, thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is another frightening development…but not surprising. First he apologizes for me in foreign countries, then I find I’m in the group that would be getting “end of life counseling” and now he wants to silence our words and voices. Well he and his administration have not taken a lesson from history for they have greatly underestimated the savvy and intelligence of American voters. But their worst mistake was to greatly overestimate their own intelligence and political acumen. They will all be looking for “end of career counseling” after the next election.

  16. Domesticated Gypsy

    WTF? Seriously… there is so much wrong there I can’t even begin! HAHAHAH I just noticed that my verification word is “inthewar”!
    How appropriate is that for this very subject!
    I thought the whole point of the internet was people taking back control of their information and communication??? Maybe I missed something…

  17. Anonymous

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am! I am one of those who cannot believe the blindness of some of our countrymen/women.

  18. Anonymous

    WTF? Indeed! If That One is like an octopus someone needs to whack off a couple of his sticky little tentacles.

    Someone wake me up when this nightmare is over.

  19. Mary, Joni's sis

    Your WTF made me curious. There is a very simple explanation for Obamitler to propose something of this magnitude. He fears an informed electorate. An added bonus is, if he can shut down any way for us to use the internet for real news instead of the elite left wing media, he can shut down the revolution, much as Iran did a few months ago. And, was anyone surprised he wouldn’t condemn Iranian leaders for the brutal assault conducted on their own people? We all need to call the White House and ask; WTF?? I have a new shorthand term for peeps like Obama: WAW, or What A Weenie!


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