Pardon my crappy graphic… I was too lazy to re-do it.

Let’s just call it orange… cause “Tango” makes me way too sad (Hubby and I used to take Tango… dream come true… but now we don’t…)
Something happened to me after 30.
I fell in love with orange.
From my Chinese Poppies to my orange wig I wore to be Syndy Bristow one year for Halloween and then last year to be Madeleine for Amélie’s birthday…
Orange is fun, bright, super sexy and goes well with almost everything.

Not for the faint of heart though… it does really zing!
I use it in décor… and love, love, love the orange Nine West strappy heels that my SIL  gave to me. (I’ll never understand why??)
If Tangerine Tango is the color for 2012 I say bring it on!  The more to choose from the better!

So what say you on Tangerine Tango
Yay, Nay or all the way?

What’s your color for 2012???

Dresses found on Polyvore… Prices $3000-500.00

LipGloss – Tarina Terantino… my new favorite… even if I don’t own it yet!